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Building WPVote Part 1: The Beginning

wordpress-voteAbout a month ago Jean-Baptiste Jung (author of the WordPress Cookbook) put his website up for sale.

I saw a lot of potential in it but wasn’t sure I had the time to offer so had a long hard think before doing anything. A couple of weeks ago I had a chat with him and after a bit of back and forth we came to an agreement… so I am now the proud owner of the site.

Currently WPVote is still hosted on Jeans servers, serving his content, but in the next month or three it will switch to mine, running an updated theme with (hopefully) improved functionality.

Over the next couple of months I am going to write about what I went through with WPVote, how I designed and developed the new site, and how I intend to make it work as a profitable site.



  1. Hi,

    Good Luck Ben – I think WPVote is a great idea, we just have to get some momentum behind it. Hopefully, your plans will revitalise the site. Good luck and I’ll be watching.

    • Hey Stephen – thanks for the kind words. Hopefully it will work out well – I’m looking forward to showing more of what I have been working on with the site.

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