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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

I posted briefly about this years ago – and it seems it’s finally happening. And by ‘seems’ I mean ‘is due for release in 10 days!’.

George RR Martins Game of Thrones series is probably my favorite book series ever. The stories are described as fantasy for people who don’t do fantasy, and I couldn’t agree more. When you read the books the stories are played perfectly straight – there is no ridiculousness everyone behaves as you would imagine, but not as you expect.

This is no story of good and evil. It’s a story of conflicted personalities and confused people put into situations that they are not prepared for. Everything is a murky shade of grey, there’s no black and white. People do what is needed to survive, and it’s all about the people. It’s very much a character driven story, that just happens to have the occasional dragons and ghosts in it.

I’ve included a couple of videos below, 1 is a trailer, and 1 is a recent making of documentary. If you want to see more then there’s loads of other stuff on the Game of Thrones Youtube channel.

Game of Thrones Preview

Making of the Game of Thrones

If you’re planning to watch it, then I should point out that this is most definitely not Harry Potter, or even Lord of the Rings. This is a proper, adult, drama. Nothing is held back – and it’s gonna be awesome!



  1. soooo cannot wait for this. i don’t know how i stumbled across the books but they’re some of the best i’ve ever read. well the first 3… the 4th got a little ridiculous. b/c Rome was so good on HBO i have high hopes that they’ll treat GoT right.

  2. I’m also really looking forward to this. Hopefully this will be just as well received as the Harry potter films. I used to love the books when I was younger, everyone else would be reading football yearbooks, not me though! :)

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