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Aggregator Theme in the Wild

As I mentioned recently – I have been looking at a new social aggregation theme – and it’s now live on

In the best spirit of iterative development, it’s not yet finished. Currently it uses my content aggregation plugin to pull in the feeds from 3 of my websites. In the future I will work out how to add Twitter and Facebook and other social networks.

Because of what I’m using it for I have called the theme Aggregator. It requires the content aggregation plugin I created in order to work properly.

What Next?

So what I am wondering now is what to do next with the theme. Is this a theme that you would be interested in seeing made open source? I am interested in trying out Git so this might be a good opportunity to open source the theme and see how people use it.



  1. Hi Ben

    The theme looks quite interesting. Please do make it public. Also do you plan on releasing the Aggregation plugin as well?

    Cheers Enej

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for but can’t find anything like it out there. Did you release this? Or could I purchase it from you?

    • Hi – I didn’t release it I’m afraid. I am not sure it’s in a good enough state. Perhaps I’ll do something with it in the future.

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