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New WordPress Theme Isca Released

Isca is the latest theme from Darren and I for Pro Theme Design. Currently it’s only available on but we plan to release it on Pro Theme Design in the future.

Isca is a Tumbleblog theme that was designed to make the best use the upcoming post formats features used in WordPress 3.6. Unfortunately the roadmap was changed and so the features were not implemented as we had hoped – but the theme still works nicely as a Tumbleblog without them.

Isca has Darrens trademark elegant style and simplicity with full support for nearly all the post types – and a single column layout the content really is the star of the show. Of course if you want to have a sidebar as well then that can be added too – making this as flexible as you want it to be.

You can get out more info on Isca and an Isca demo on


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