I don’t know if it’s just because I have read books 5 and 6 the least, and not recently either, but I thought that Half Blood Prince was the best Harry Potter film so far. Admittedly my judgement may be […]

Harry Potter prequel

Waterstones (the UK bookstore) recently ran a promotion called “What’s your story” where they got people to submit a postcard with a short story on it, and they will be turning the best into a limited edition book. In total […]

This news is actually a little old but since we’ve just had the Christmas holiday I figure I can give myself a bit of slack. That and it’s my blog so I’ll post whatever I like whenever I like The […]

The book has been out a couple of weeks now and, based upon the comments I’ve read there are still some questions people want answered. Therefore I have collected together my thoughts, along with those of others (thanks to the […]

My Harry Potter Conspiracy Theory posts have gotten ridiculously popular, all receiving over 500 comments – a couple getting close to 1000. So I thought I would have one last attempt at coming up with Potter related theories. Actually that’s […]

Harry Potter Conspiracy Theory #3: Snape

Previously Harry Potter Theory #1: RAB Harry Potter Theory #2: Dumbledore Before I continue I’m going to give some warning for those who still haven’t read the Harry Potter books. If, like me, you like to be surprised when you […]

Harry Potter Conspiracy Theory #1: RAB

As I mentioned previously I fancy having a go at working out what is going on in the world of Harry Potter. I’m going to split my theories up into a series of posts, each about a different element of […]

Harry Potter Theories

The Harry Potter post I made when I finished reading the Half Blood Prince has been way more successful than I had imagined it would be. In fact I didn’t even consider it would be different to any other normal […]