Anyone who knows me, knows I am a frustrated game developer. Working at Miniclip I’ve developed a few games (I mentioned a few here) but I now focus on web design. I’m really passionate about web design and will continue […]

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are really popular at the moment, but I’ve never been tempted to contribute to anything before. Until last night when I found a really cool looking video game that needs some help with funding. Elliot Quest is […]

So I continued experimenting with my experimental iPhone game from over a week ago. In the video below you can see the progress I have made. I added a very simple graphic for the character you are protecting. I thought […]

Doritos, an advergaming case study

Working at I have seen many online advergames so have a pretty good idea of what is good and what is bad, both from an advertisers perspective and from a gamers. Many brands create very simple, not very enjoyable […]

iPod Touch

Over the last couple of months I have been using an iPod Touch. It all started because a game developer contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing his iPod Touch/ iPhone games on Binary Joy. At the […]

Anti smoking video game (advert)

My outlook on life is quite liberal. In general I am happy for people to do whatever they like, as long as it doesn’t affect others in a negative way. However smoking is something I am very much against. To […]

Recently a UK politician claimed teens playing games is making them less intelligent, in fact the following quote comes from a very popular tabloid – the Sun. KIDS hooked on computer games have sent England plummeting down world league tables […]

3 rules of effective cutscenes

Arstechnica have put together the three rules of effective cutscenes as taught by God of War 2. The rules are… Keep it Short, Stupid I shouldn’t be Superman in a cut scene but Clark Kent in the game If your […]

Videogames blamed for… everything!

Videogames are regularly blamed for many things, the most popular being making children fat and violent. So when something new, such as the Nintendo Wii, comes along everyone is happy. The Wii gets children exercising again, and it doesn’t feature […]

In game ads don’t work?

Advertising in games is something that has been getting a lot of media attention recently. Some reports say that gamers love it, provided things are in context (ads on billboards in a city for example) and, more recently, they say […]