Not entirely sure how this happened but I was recently invited to be an Xbox 360 ambassador. What does this mean? Well I have been asked to write a couple of blog posts and post some tweets about Xbox. The […]

The Wolfman

The Wolfman is a remake of a classic horror movie. Re-imagining the story and bringing the special effects bang up to date. On paper the cast sounds great. Anthony Hopkins rarely disappoints, Benicio Del Toro already looks wolf like, and […]

? Part of improving my website involves me wanting to write about the sort of things you want to read about. If you could take 1 minute to answer 1 quick question then that would really help me to work […]

I’ve never been interested in business. I’ve been interested in creating things Paraphrased from Richard Bransons book “Business Stripped Bare”. The act of creating something, whether it’s a website, a video game, or a lego model, is one of the […]


As post apocalyptic movies go, things don’t get much more apocalyptic than they do in the movie 9. In a post war-time, when the only things left are some golems made by an old man, and a bunch of distinctly […]

March Movie Madness

I watched loads of films last month. Most aren’t worth mentioning – but below are some short reviews of the ones I enjoyed the most. Hellboy 2 Call me weird but the original Hellboy is one of my favorite films. […]

In my younger days (yes, I’m sounding old), April 1st was a day to look forward to. A time of joy and innocent jokes. Well no more. Over the last 3 or 4 years April Fools day has slowly become […]

Recently I have been getting back into watching movies. I have a whole stack of them to catch up on and I am now finally reducing the stack. 3 of the films I watched in February were, Kung Fu Panda, The Invention of Lying, and The Soloist. Read the article for mini reviews of each.


If I can tell you one thing about Bruno it’s this. Don’t watch Bruno on an iPod Touch on the train on the way to work. There’s too much to describe in Bruno, it’s a whirlwind of cringe inducing moments […]

I always think of Michael Mann as making understated action movies. There’s action and there’s violence, but it never gets in the way of the story. Public Enemies is his latest offering with Johnny Depp playing the famous mobster John […]

Art Direction

I have recently published my first ‘Art Directed’ posts on Binary Moon – namely my reviews for the movies Coraline and Up. Ever since I saw Jason Santa Marias art directed site the idea has brewed in my head that […]


Coraline is a stop motion animated movie directed by the same Director as The Nightmare Before Christmas, which meant I instantly assumed that the Director was Tim Burton, and after watching the movie my opinion hadn’t changed. Coraline is a […]