iPod Nano giveaway

On Monday I started a giveaway to get Fast and Furious free on iTunes movie. Today I am giving away an iPod Nano to watch it on! To celebrate Halloween Universal are reducing the price of some spooky movies on […]

Part of getting my iPod Touch is that I get to download movies by Universal from iTunes which is great – but I want to spread the love. The latest film I was given is Fast and Furious – a […]

I haven’t read any WordPress books before, and have always wondered what they would contain so I was instantly intrigued when I was contacted by someone from Packt publishing asking if I wanted to review a new WordPress book. WordPress […]

Crestock Photoshop competition

Crestock.com, the stock photo website, are currently running a Photoshop competition with some pretty big prizes. All you have to do is take the seasonal stock photos they have chosen and create a work of art. There are four rounds […]

I decided to go through the competition entries carefully, and read a number of posts from each site before announcing the winners, hence the delay – but finally I have reached a decision. Finalists Originally there were to be 3 […]

Links competition now closed

My recent links competition is now closed to entries. I’m going to spend a couple of days going through the websites entered and will post the winners soon (probably Monday or Tuesday). I received more entries than I had expected […]

I am in the process of working out a redesign for my site. The redesign will focus on building more of a community feel, and making the site more personal – in short focusing on what the you want rather […]