Not entirely sure how this happened but I was recently invited to be an Xbox 360 ambassador. What does this mean? Well I have been asked to write a couple of blog posts and post some tweets about Xbox. The […]

A brief history of sex in video games

An amusing & educational look at the history of sex in video games. Sex has been around in games for almost as long as game have existed. Sure, there’s lot’s of controversy now, but really – is it needed? There’s […]

I have just got back from Disneyland in Anaheim (I’ll write a post about my trip when I get the photos sorted out) – and one of the first things I found in my overflowing feedreader when I returned was […]

The Queen likes Wills Wii

The People, a UK newspaper, are reporting that the Queen has really gotten into playing with Prince Williams Wii (no jokes please, this is serious news). A Palace source told The People: “When she saw William playing a game after […]

Trigger Happy for free

Steven Poole, a journalist from the UK, is someones whos insight into games has always intrigued me. I used to be a regular reader of Edge magazine, a UK gaming journal that catered for the more mature gamer. Edge tended […]

This is equal parts cute, cool, and awesome. The latest game from Valve, Portal, involves a clever device that let’s you create portals to travel from one place to another. This awesome papercraft replicates the wonderful game. I love the […]

Bioshock art book released for free

Bioshock was released last week, and it’s been getting great reviews. To go with the special edition release of the game they were designing an “art of” book, however the idea was scrapped – so the book has been released […]

Sega Rally Preview

I was recently invited to Segas England Headquarters in London to preview the new Sega Rally game. In return all I had to do was write a preview on my gaming site Binary Joy – and that’s exactly what I’ve […]

Legend of Zelda Symphony

My love of Zelda extends to the music.I do actually have a Zelda album on CD. I got it on the cover of a magazine a couple of years ago, but this music is wonderful. Hearing the overland theme is […]

A Nintendo Wii Review

I mentioned before that I would write a review of my Nintendo Wii… that it took me nearly 6 months to purchase. Well – a month later – I have finally written my review. Nothing earth shattering but if you’re […]