As a TimThumb user, making changes to the settings has always been a bit of a pain. It’s possible, of course, but if you make changes – and then want to update the script – then you have to make […]

It was recently pointed out to me that there’s no single place to get a list of all the TimThumb parameters so I thought I would put together a page explaining them, and link to the relevant tutorials/ explanations. TimThumb […]

TimThumb 2.0

Ok – so – TimThumb. I am sure many people have seen this already but some code exploits were recently discovered in TimThumb. Now that everything is under control once more I thought I would explain what happened and what […]

Recently I have had a couple of emails about changing the amount of compression on TimThumb cropped images. The change itself is really easy, however I thought I would write it up as a reference for those who aren’t aware […]

Moving the crop position used to be the most requested TimThumb feature – but then I added it, and so something else had to step up and replace it. The next most requested feature is proportional image scaling. To be […]

The Google Code blog has recently announced a new method for modifying code committed to the site. They have created an online code editor that can be used by anyone. This is fantastic for people who want to contribute to […]

Recently, when I haven’t been working on WPAdvent, I have been tweaking and improving TimThumb. In fact there’s been a couple of cool new features added that make it a much more useful peice of kit. The big changes boil […]

I often get asked questions about TimThumb and why it doesn’t work in certain situations. I can generally tell what is wrong with the script within about 60 seconds of being sent a demo url. Below are my top tips […]

So far I have documented the basic TimThumb functionality, and how to resize images that are on external domains and now things can get interesting. In this part I will talk about some of the features that have been available […]