WordPress has a built in function, called human_time_diff, for creating messages that say how long ago a post was published – however I think it is confusing when you have posts from a long time ago that read “posted 15 […]

At WordCamp London last week I made my first contribution to WordPress – a bug fix for the Twenty Fourteen theme that’s being released with WordPress 3.8. Part of doing this involved created a patch. Now I know this is […]

I have a theme coming out soon that displays the ‘estimated reading time’ for each blog post on the homepage. The theme is inspired by the new blogging service Medium – but I first saw the idea mentioned on Brian […]

Last weekend I went to WordCamp EU – Europe’s first WordCamp – and my first WordCamp. I’ve always fancied going to a WordCamp conference but never known what to expect – or even what I would get out of it. […]

WordPress theme frameworks are on their way out. They’re dying a slow death. At least that’s what I think. Nathan Rice recently wrote an article with his thoughts about theme frameworks – in defense of them – however he clearly […]

Ghost is a project born from frustration with WordPress. Ironically it seems to be mostly WordPress power users who want to use it. The Ghost team – led by John O’Nolan – put Ghost on KickStarter last week and it […]