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  1. Wow! This was a year ago?! Well no doubt in my brain that David Hasselhoff is my fave person in this whole universe. I have been a fan of his since Knight Rider started & then there was Babewatch but from this day forward, my heart & soul is on David & I love the DO’S & DON’TS. He’s very smart, intelligent, funny, SEXY, gorgeous & still very handsome. You name it, he’s everything a woman would want in a man. If I met him right now, I would have very tall, muscular bodyguards protecting us from harm & danger because you never know who’s out there to hurt you like Princess Di was.

  2. I have been on the site gethasselhofftonumber1.com & I came on a little too strong because David is my #1 hero & I have fallen in love with him but I may have been obsessive too & I didn’t mean to. Can a stranger fall in love with a celebrity? YES! I don’t care what other women think. I believe in one woman, one man relationships. On that site, I have been put down, rejected, mentally abused & blocked out & I feel sorry for those people but I do have feelings & those people can go to hell! I believe it’s ‘Marcie’s Keeper’ who said that I should double my medication. I TAKE MEDICATION! No one should speak about someone who already takes medication because that could make the other person feel embarrassed.

  3. Yeah – this post is 2 years old now. He has fallen out of favour and I rarely (never) post about him anymore.

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