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  1. Hi

    I hope this don’t come across as spam, I thought I’d let you know about a feature film that
    believes in the same things you do.
    The film is called “Superhero Harry” it’s a comic book style film BUT….. it takes
    the .mickey. out of the political correctness and those stupid road laws they change every week.
    Eg: In the film a poor guy gets caught driving while eating an apple ( yep. same as what happened
    in real life) the film goes on about true events ID CARDS, car and train congestion charges, Hoodies, leaves falling on
    paths etc, I feel as it’s the
    only film to ever use itself to show how stupid the system is , if you could at
    least watch the trailer and maybe support it by telling your friends about it or posting on this site.

    Here is the link for the trailer

    The film company is called “Superteam Productions” and their website is

    Thanks for your time.

    If you enjoyed the trailer and want to see a tiny bit more check out this clip from
    the film.
    (it’s in a format called divx, you might need to download a free divx player from )

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