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  1. That’s a shame – they’ve scaled the images down. They still look good but they were a lot more impressive when they filled the screen. If you’re interested you can see the hi res versions here, there is a really nice water one which I missed the first time round!

  2. Man it really Really Suks you know? I wanted to see play it so badly. But at least the have some wicked trailers for it out there like the ones on gametrailers.com. In the meantime ill just have to play Windwaker and the other Zelda games.

  3. It’s very sucky indeed. Apparently since it’s going to be the last Zelda game that plays in this way (whatever that merans) they decided to take their time and make it the best Zelda ever. The trailers look really good so I’m hoping they make good on their promises… I’m sure they will.

  4. I’m in the same position your in. I was looking forward to getting it this Christmas. I know Nintendo will not disappoint their fans, but I hate waiting.

  5. i am pretty confuzzled, so far, i have found 4 different release dates; 2006, 11-15-06, 5-15-06, and 9-1-06. πŸ™
    If anyone cares or knows enough to clarify this it would be most appreciated.

  6. I would guess it’s the one that is furthest away. Then if it’s any earlier you can be happy πŸ™‚

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  8. OMG i have been waiting for Zelda for a long time. Back in September 2005 five i called Game Stop and asked when is the release suppose to be… they said in November so i waited then November rolled around and it is delayed till April. So toward the end of April i went up there and they told me another delay and that it would be coming out in September. There is over 130 reservations for this game where i live at Game Stop and i live in a small town so i know it’s gonna sell big. Zelda is the best adventure game ever.

  9. I know that this does not pertain to the Zelda column but i would like to ask a big question back in the super nintendo days i would play a game called Chrono Trigger if you are at all any fan of rpgs then you would know of this awsome game. kk My question is, is or are there any new games after it. I have already heard of the project called Chrono Trigger Resurection and I got word that it was cancelled I dont know why if you look at the Pics they are freakin awsome but anyways could you tell me the name of that other game i keep hearing there is another one the psone … well thanks ben

  10. Wow – you comment a lot don’t you?

    I’m really looking forward to the Wii and the new Zelda game as well. They’re both going to be very special.

    As for the Chrono Trigger game, I’ve heard of it but never played it. I should probably point out that whilst I know a lot I am not a gaming encyclopaedia so I’m afraid I know nothing about any game names.

    I know what I know and not a lot else.

  11. I have a question? I heard that the Game Zelda Twilight Princess is going to be on the Wii (Formally known as the Revolution). Is this true? I personally would be honestly really mad if that happened that would mean Zelda is going to be like the rest of the games on the Wii STUPID. Don’t get me wrong i want to buy a Wii to try it out cause it seems pretty fun, but i believe that if you play one Wii game then you played them all…. so please tell that Zelda is going to be on the Game Cube that would make things so much better. As a matter of fact I would be so out raged that i wouldn’t buy the Wii or even rent the Zelda game.

  12. You know I have nothing to do with Nintendo right? I don’t want you to get outraged with me.

    As for the game, there are two versions. One for each console (Gamecube and Wii)

    Regarding your claim that “if you play one Wii game then you played them all”, I think that’s total nonsense. If you’re saying that because of the control scheme then surely the same applies to every console ever? All previous consoles have had a single controller with one control method. The Wii has a totally new control method that could be used in a multitude of different ways. If anything the Wii games will be MORE different than other consoles, they certainly won’t be the same.

  13. Does that mean that the same puzzles are going to be on both versions?

    Mind you, the different control systems for them both could give the game that extra dimention, one which Link controls the sword on your behalf and the other where you control the sword.
    I mean, I overheared that the Wii (or is it the Nintendo Revolution?) controllers are supposed to be motion sensitive. Am I correct?

    Be a little confusing when using the items in the game though.
    I cannot wait until it comes out!!! The screenshots are sooooo cool! (1st post ever on binary moon lol)

  14. I’m a HUGE Zelda fan.(I have all the Zelda games,only I’m missing two.)This game looks so awsome!And I know it will be when it comes out.(If it ever does.)and I really,really,REALLY want the new Zelda game.

  15. The tailers look soooooooo awsome!I watched one and the graphics are so cool!I’m probly going to get it when it first comes out!I have been waiting forever for this game to come out!But it keeps getting DELAYED!!!!*smashes head against a pillow lol*Trust me,this game is going to sell big with Zelda fans.

  16. i luve all zelda games my favorits are aa link to the past and ocarina of time ther both tied for first intill twiligfht princess comes out i even went and got a game cube to go play this game and the it gets delayed but i think ist worth the wait and it would be better if the game haid peaple talking not in english but in hylian we would have to wait longer but its would be worth the wait

  17. I have played the Zelda series since the beginning. I would buy the new system just to play Twilight Princess. The new controller is revolutionary and probably going to take awhile to learn. I look forward to learning all of this while controlling link on a horse shooting arrows sideways.

  18. I have a question? When is the new game coming out I thought it was coming out in october but has it changed

  19. waa its not fair i really want it nintendo say its comming out on the 24th november well who knows well have to wait till we see it in the shops

  20. I posted this in August last year.

    A quick Google will tell you when the game is being released in whatever country you might live in.

  21. The olny game i have ever liked is zelda I don’t think their is a bigger fan of the game im looking foward to playin twilight princes

  22. Twilight Princess was a great game. I gave it 8.5/10 it was too easy. OoT (10/10) was a bit better becase it wasn’t so easy.

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