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  1. Looks like the Golden Palace got in there and bought their space. They got much less than I expected as well.

  2. We have plenty of space at http://www.adsquares.co.uk

    We started trading just a few days ago and have a few sponsors already.

    For only £5 (falling to £4 on multiple purchases) you can secure a 400 pixel square. We are currently getting 1000’s of hits per day and are advertised on the millionpennyhomepage.


  3. I’ve been thinking about doing a follow up post with all the ‘spin offs’. I must say I don’t think any pf them will do anywhere near as well as the original. IMO The only one with a chance is the million penny homepage – and that’s only because it is considerably cheaper than any of the others. Good luck with yours though – I guess we’ll see how well it does soon enough 🙂

  4. We’ve launched a new site today which although inspired by TMDH isn’t a straight copy like most :


    It gives advertisers the chance to win the prime 160,000 pixels on the homepage every time it’s loaded.

  5. Since I’m getting so many of these requests now I have decided that if anyone wants to add a comment linking to their millionWhatever site they should pay me $10. I don’t see why you should make money out of me when I make nothing, and this site has a decent page rank so $10 should be well worth it. If you’re interested then comment and I will give you my paypal details – upon payment I will edit your comment to link to your site.

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  7. Just a quick update – the offer for advertising is closed now. No more comments advertising milliondollar homepage type sites will be allowed through.

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