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  1. Rasmus – thanks for the offer. As I have said though, I’m a windows user so fixing it on a Mac isn’t easy. Really I need access to a Mac so that I can sort it out myself, it will probably only take a few seconds once I can test it.

    Jeff – I didn’t give any instructions for uploading the theme as I assumed it would be obvious.

    What you have to do is extract the zip file with all the folders intact, and then upload the whole lot to the folder wp-content/themes/ – if it’s not already put it in a subfolder called regulus.

    Then you just have to activate the theme from within wordpress itself. With any luck it will all work.

  2. Thanks Ben, I appreciate the tip. This is the first blog I have ever installed, so I had no idea what to do. I appreciate your understanding.

    I placed the contents of the zip file (minus screenshot.jpg and changes.txt) into a separate folder and it worked great!

    The best theme out there!

  3. Thanks again for the brilliant Theme. I’ve been test driving it on WordPress.com for a bit now and I’ve found it to be solid and really a joy to work with.

    I thought I’d give you a heads up, though, that I will be using this Theme as an example of what not to do, as well as what to do, in a WordPress Theme on my blog, Lorelle on WordPress. In it, I specifically site the lack of common HTML tags used in the post content area. They are not styled.

    Specifically, they are: CODE, HR, I and B. This is not about cutting edge CSS or HTML, it is about backwards compatibility, too.

    The same applies to tables. In other Themes on WordPress.com I can add cellpadding and borders to tables for data, but with your Theme, all I can do is color the background, so my lovely tables are squished and horrid looking.

    These are not bugs or major problems, but I’m certainly not going to (or able) go through hundreds of posts to change <b> and <i> to <strong> and <em> just because the B and I was left out of the style sheet or styled not to show up. And in WordPress.com, I can’t fix it.

    I really recommend to all WordPress Theme designers and tweakers to use a good Sandbox/Test Layout Post to really see what users will most commonly use in a post and to style EVERYTHING.

    I’d also really like to recommend to every WordPress.com Theme designer (and full versions) to create a search.php that lists only excerpts, not full posts. Search results can generate tons of web pages to scroll through, which makes searching a blog really tedious.

    Thanks again for the tremendous work you’ve done on this Theme. It is really impressive and I’m thrilled that it is an amazing step forward to the future of Theme development. WordPress.com users, once restrained to only blogging, now have the ability to have a little more control over their Themes. You are parting the Red Sea for WordPress users. Thank you so much!

  4. Lorelle – thanks, and thanks (I guess πŸ™‚ )

    Part of the problem with developing the theme is that, I had never made a theme for public use before. The theme on the blog here is one I made for myself and, as such, I only have to add new features when I feel like it/ thnk of it. It doesn’t matter if something is missing because it’s mine – I can fix it as I go.

    Assuming I ever make a second theme I’ll be sure to use what I’ve learnt from Regulus and apply accordingly.

    Things like <b> and <i> are depracated (as I’m sure you know) and I’ve never considered backwards compatability.

    Tables are something I definately hadn’t considered. Regulus was designed for “noobs” and tables written in a post is not something they would be expected to do.

    The problem is that I use a * class at the start of my html to remove all padding and margins from everything. This way I specify padding and margins and everything behaves accordingly rather than having settings that differ between browsers. Sooo much to think of, it’s a little overwhelming.

    Regarding a sandbox – have you seen my test blog πŸ™‚

  5. Alright … I’ve come up with a workaround for the problem with the disappearing footer in Safari/Mac. It was very simple:

    Comment out (or delete) the following line from #footer in the stylesheet:

    overflow: hidden;

    Apparently, Safari has problems with that hidden overflow, unless you specify a width on the div (or whatever you’re using it on). However, in the case of the #footer, it makes no difference whether it’s there or not: There is so little info there, that the div is not overflowing anyway.

  6. Rasmus – thanks for that. I think I’ll probably add a width attribute rather than remove the overflow, as that fixes things on windows.

    I have some other things I want to do to the theme and once I’ve done them, assuming you don’t mind, I will email you a test version so that I can make sure it’s all ok.

  7. BTW – I’ve checked my site on Windows using both Firefox and IE, and the removal of the overflow (in the footer) has not broken the design.

  8. Ben– Regulus is gorgeous, which makes this all the more frustrating…

    I installed your fine theme by copying the Regulus folder alsongside my other themes, as usual. But as soon as I make Regulus my theme, WordPress 2.0 instantly breaks. More specifically, nothing shows up. All pages are blank, both on the blog as well as the admin pages.

    The only way to get WordPress back is to delete Regulus from the themes folder, then reassign the theme. Then all is well again.

    But alas, it’s not well because I want Regulus as my theme!

    Any ideas?

  9. OK, so how do we go about making the changes suggested by Lorell? I tried removing

    margin:0; padding: 0; border: 0;

    from the style.css file, and while it did allow borders around tables (something I would like to have), it also messed up other formating, so I put it back in.

    The overwhelming quality of this theme far outweighs anything Lorell mentioned, but I would not mind having a perfect theme, and if these changes is all that would bring this to perfect, I’d say ‘ole Ben has got a winner here! (of course I thought that anyway)

  10. I spent a little time trying to figure out how I would add additional header graphic options and color schemes. Looks like functions.php, and style.css, and switch.css are all involved in one way or the other, and unless I am just too tired and confused, in some cases, all 3 files are involved.

    I am sure I can nail it down after a while, but if the steps are already outlined, would sure save some time if they were available. Just thought I would ask. πŸ™‚

  11. Rasmus – sounds good. I’ll get back to you on this in a few days

    Melissa – This appears to be a common problem. I’ve tried to tell Matt about it to see if he has any idea but am having problems getting in touch. I Will try again. For now you should read through the comments above (starting with this) and hopefully you will be able to get everything working.

    Jeff – Tables will be the biggest problem. Some of the things Lorelle suggested re very simple, and others will take a lot of time. I’m considering adding some of the features she suggested but others will either have to wait or just not happen. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on this one project πŸ™‚

  12. Ben,

    Thanks for your reply. I think you are doing a great job. Yes, every project will need adjustments, but face it, you have got the best wordpress theme available for my needs, and many others. I sure would not want you to devote the rest of your life on this project, just enough to make it perfect. πŸ™‚

    Any thought to adding additional header graphics and color schemes? Can you point me to the right files and where to edit for each?

    Thanks so much for the talents you have shared!

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  14. I just fell in love with the calender feature in the regulus and I switched my blog from blogspot to wordpress just to avail this feature. Thank you for this wonderful and free theme for wordpress users. Keep on the good work!

  15. Hi Ben!
    I’d guess a comments per post count would get you rather high in world ranking. At least for WP themes.
    And you deserve it. It’s clean and beautiful and it’s versatile. I think the configuration panel for easy tuning is ingenious.

    Thanks a bunch for this demonstration of what admin features could be built.

  16. beautifully theme,
    but why in my article the picture not appear on Welcome Page.
    i’m already add at it article, but in page details that picture is appear.

    how to appear my picture in my article on Welcome Page ??

    thanks verymuch

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  18. Ben, thank you very much for this charming wp theme. I have two questions about modifying it;

    1. Images in posts are sticking together with written text, is it possible to change this via editing css?

    2. IE is displaying top navigation menu wrong with long page titles. How can I correct this?

    And here is a screenshot about my problems;

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  20. I’ve just realised I haven’t checked this in a while.

    Jeff – extra header graphics would be cool, colours schemes is possible but coming up with colours that work is difficult. Maybe I’ll add a black one to the next release.

    Adding new headers is easy, just create your image and replace the ones in the images folder on the theme πŸ™‚

    Colours is a case of editing switch.css to fit your choice. Doping it through the admin panel is more effort than it’s worth I’m afraid.

    Roman, dp, Petit, Brett – thanks πŸ™‚

    whyou – Images don’t appear on the homepage unless you post the homepage as a full article rather than an excerpt (change the setting sthrough the admin panel) – I’m going to make some changes to this in the next release.

    Sam – In answer to question 1, erm… I don’t understand what you mean – and you’re screenshot didn’t work πŸ™ If you can point me to your site I will take a look.

    And question 2 – that will be fixed in the next update.

  21. Sam – I just checked your comment code, you got the link wrong but I’ve sorted it. Try adding class=”i_left” to the img element and it will add a border and spacing as required. Should be what you want I hope

  22. Ben,
    Sorry for the screenshot code, that is another proof that I am not good at html (: And thank you for correcting it.

    For my question 1; That is just what I want, thank you very much.
    For my question 1; I have fixed the issue using the tip told here, which you’ve seen already (assuming that the the Binary Moon guy there was you).

  23. First, this is a very beautiful theme. Good job! =)

    Now to my little problem. Is it not intended to show images on the first page? As I can only make the image shown after you click on the post title and go to its own page.


  24. Ben, I see that you have latest comments built in but I cant get them to show on the side bar. In the them options I was able to turn on recent posts.

    Another question is that I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the author comments plugin. i downloaded it and put it in the plugins folder but it does not show to activate it.

  25. This is the best wordpress theme there is. It stabs me in the heart everytime I see other people with it b/c I wish it was solely mine! Ah, open source you are a cruel mistress.

    I wanted to ask: will you be adding some function that allows people to see “new comments” on the sidebar? My friends are complaining that they would like to be able to see whether there are new comments and which post they correlate to. Basically anything that doesn’t require people to have to scroll down to see if there are new comments on older posts. Can someone please email me b/c I have no idea how to find my way back to this page. I’m a newbie. Also, how can I repay you financially? Do you have paypal?

  26. Ben thanks for this great theme. I am using it here http://www.flyweb.nl/wordpress. I noticed an error when using WP in a subdir from the root. When on the mainpage and # posts > then defined in the admin-panel you must navigate with ‘next page’ etc. Sofar so good. But when you navigate back (previous) suddenly I am at the root and NOT at the first page @ http://www.flyweb.nl/wordpress. How come? Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance.

  27. Ben,

    I love your Regulus theme! I was wondering–is there a way to make a particular page NOT show up in the tabs at the top?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  28. Regulus 2.0 is a very nice theme Γ’β‚¬β€œ the best I have seen. I am using it at http://circuitcalculator.com/wordpress . I too was wondering about getting the table borders to show up. Can you tell me more about the * class and where it is so I can hack into it a little? Thanks!

  29. Dennis – you need to get the required plugin to get the latest comments to work.

    Eteraz – the feature is alrewady there but doesn’t work on wordpress.com as they don’t allow plugins. Sorry.

    Martin – that’s very strang.e I would guess it’s a wordpress error as I use default wordpress commands as much as possible. I don’t actually control how those buttons work.

    Linda – I have thought about adding this but can’t think of a simple way to make it work. I agree it would be nice to have though πŸ™‚

    Brad – I’m thinking about how that would work at the moment.

    the creator – wow, thanks πŸ˜€

  30. I was able to get tables to work by adding the following to the style.css file:

    /* BJS 1/28/06 – allow tables */
    #content td
    border: inset 1px;

  31. Ben,
    Thanks for the amazingly fast response! The new beta looks great! The table formatting looks nice and they now look like an integral part of the theme. You may know this, but those beta tables do not seem to work in FireFox. Cheers,

  32. Are you sure they don’t work in Firefox? I developed the theme in Firefox on Windows so it should be fine (I can see it)

  33. Me, again. On this post you can see how the paragraph layout is pushed around by the use of smilies. On any line with smilies, they are way above the baseline and push the line down. Might be another one to add to the tiny details to fix list.

    I’m seeing your brilliant theme all over the place. I love how popular it has become. Thanks again for breaking the mold in WordPress Themes!

  34. That’s very strange. I’ll have a look.

    I take it you’ve seen the changes I have made on my test blog (mentioned above)? You will notice that, whilst I didn’t like the way you said it, I did take notice of the suggestions you made and have adjusted things accordingly.

  35. I checked on my work computer, and the beta tables look fine in IE and FireFox. I am not sure why, but they did not have borders on my home computer with FireFox. They are both XP machines with FF 1.5, so it may have been a temporary issue with my computer. I will have to check again when I get home. Brad

  36. Search Problems? It seems that if you install wordpress in a subdirectory like I did, you have to modify the sidebar.php file from action=”/” to action=”/” to get the search box to work. A previous post suggested action=”./” (dot slash), but that only works from home.

  37. Darn, the php stuff did not show up in my post above. Look at the default themeÒ€ℒs searchform.php file to see what the action should be.

  38. Ben, wow – this theme really raises the bar for WP 2.0. It is going to be so popular that I’ll have to change the header image and some of the colors – but the useabilty and aesthetics are great.
    Could you list the required plugins somewhere?
    Also – when I look at style.css it looks like the height parameter under#footer has a syntax error.
    Thanks again…

  39. Oops – found the plugin info – no plugins required, right.

    Also – is it a bug, or a feature, that ordered lists do not show up in the “abbreviated” blog entries?

  40. Brad – I’ve never installed wordpress in a subfolder which might explain why I hadn’t noticed the problem. I’ll look into it.

    Greg – Plugins are contained in the theme code so you don’t need any to run things. You can optionally install a recent comments plugin but it’s not rquired. I’ll add that to the theme page so that people know it can be used.

    The lists not showing could be considered a bug. I’m actually dropping the excerpt homepage feature as it’s causing more problems than it’s worth (it’s already been removed from wordpress.com).

  41. Ben, I uploaded the theme into the themes folder (WP 1.5 version), but I can’t find a way to get into the admin panel. Can you tell me how to do this? I don’t see any new menu options to lead me there. I tried uploading themetoolkit.php into the plugins folder too. That didn’t work either.

  42. Ben,
    I just want to inform that your theme works fine with new WP release, v2.0.1. This means that none of the plugins used in the Regulus theme causes any problems while upgrading. Fallowing these steps is enough for a smooth upgrade process, if you are using Regulus.

  43. MadMan – you should upload everything into a single folder in the themes directory (including the themetoolkit.php file)

    Once the theme is activated the new menu option will appear on the presentation sub menu.

    Sam – thanks for letting me know.

  44. Ben solved my paging navigation @ the bottom. Simply redirected my WP (which is still in a subfolder) to the root. Voila, neat navigation presto. Curious about that ‘regulus-beta’ though. Keep hacking is my advice.

  45. Ben- I fixed the issue that was brought up in Safari with Regulus.

    “Seems to some issue with Regulus and Safari. I tried to install on my WordPress MU site and the footer is just a tall skinny column on the left of the content area with no text visible. I visited some other sights http://andyc.wordpress.com/ for instance and it had the same behavior.”

    In ‘#footer’ comment out the “overflow:hidden;” and comment out the same line in the “ul#feeds” style.

    That makes the footer and sidebar appear as it does in FireFox.

  46. Hi Justin – thanks for that. If you look through the comments you’ll see that it’s already been mentioned – and if you check out my test blog you’ll see it’s already been fixed. I’m currently adding the finishing touches to the next version and it should be ready for release shortly.

    That said I haven’t changed the overflow on the feeds, but I’m going to be changing the styles there so that will be edited anyway.

  47. Hi Ben,

    Your theme is awesome. I have a quick question – how can I change the colour schemes easily so I can change them in the admin panel? Thanks in anticipation of your help, Kevin

  48. Ben-

    Crap, I didn’t see that someone else posted the solution for Safari! Oh well, at least it seems we all came to the same solution.

    Cheers! Good theme.


  49. Fantastic theme

    Just 3 minor niggles.
    If I check the “Show Full Posts on the homepage?” option the sidebar moves to the bottom of the page – seems to randomly happen on the full page screen as well.
    Images posted in a blog do not show on the homepage
    The full page view seems to lose formatting – cr etc

    you can see examples here http://www.instagib.co.uk (have the same problems with/without the modified style)

  50. Kevin – there isn’t an “easy” way to do this at the moment. You will need to edit the switch.css file to modify colour schemes.

    Justin – no problem πŸ™‚

    Jen – thanks πŸ™‚

    Jonathon – The problems on the homepage are because you’re using the excerpt option. This strips out some of the elements (images being a quite important one). I’ve removed this function from the next version of Regulus as it had created many queries such as yours.

    The sidebar being pushed to the bottom of the page is very strange, and I haven’t seen it happen before, so i don’t know what to suggest. If you could set it so that it happens (tell me what browser and OS) I’ll have a look and see if I can fix it but unless I can reproduce the error it’s very hard to fix this sort of thing.

  51. Wow, thanks for the quick response.

    If you take a look know you will see the sidebar issue, looks like the css isn’t being applied to the sidebar as the font sizes have changed (footer font has also changed)
    You can also see that the spaces have been removed from the end of the post.


  52. Excellent theme, Ben! Just started blogging (http://blog.peershopper.com/) and couldn’t ask for a better template.

    Quick question for a newbie: I’ve managed to change the background image (/image/bg_body.gif) but this changes only the top half of the site. The bottom half still appears in the original color (#EEE, I believe). How do I change that color as well?


  53. Looks like its not a theme issue, K2 exhibits the same problems, i’ll try reinsrtalling and see what happens

  54. Ben, is it possible that those (like me) who are seeing blank pages after install are experiencing some sort of path problem? I have Regulus working beautifully on my main domain, deliriouscool.org, and I’m getting blank pages when I use it on an add-on domain (knitonepurltoo.com/wp/) – other 1.5 and 2.0 themes seem to work pretty well. I experimented with different paths in themetoolkit.php, to try and point to the files “manually” and was unsuccessful.

    I hope this is helpful – I love your work!

  55. Johnathon – it’s a problem with your html. There is a div in one of your posts (probably the last one) that isn’t closed, and this means everything else get’s put in that div messing up the layout.

    John – You need to edit the styles.css file. Look at the options for the body tag. The colour is listed there so you can edit as you wish.

    Donna – I’ve asked MAtt from WordPress about the error and he can’t reproduce it. I got the error on my test blog and that’s not in a subdirectory. It’s all very strange and I haven’t got a clue why it’s happening.

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  57. Ben, thanks for the theme and your help.

    FYI I installed the Post Teaser” plugin to handle excerpts (shame I cant work how to get the “Read More” bit into your nice bar area) and I had to turn the rich text editor off to solve the spacing and sidebar issue – probably an IIS6 issue.

  58. I think the problem is the dodgy html the wysiwyg area generates rather that is causing the issues. I like to control the html myself so always turn it off.

  59. Hello Ben,

    Thank you so much for such a great theme.

    One question though — is there any way to change the “About…” title for the little box in the sidebar that shows information about the author? I’m not that code-savvy so I apologize if this is an incredibly stupid question … but I did try to look for it.

    Thank you.

  60. Hi Ben … another question. This time, I’m really and truly stumped.

    I wanted to change the font size of the template, since the default size was a tad too small for me. I had to comb the CSS file a bit and fiddle around with various values to change the sidebar’s sizes, and all went well until I found out that the font size of the Blogroll (and blogroll links) was different. No matter what I did, I can’t seem to hit the right variable to change it so that it would be like the rest of the sidebar. I would be able to change the font size of the links, but the “Blogroll” title would still be too large.

    Could you help, please? I would be ever so grateful. Thank you! (And thank you again for such a great theme.)

  61. Hi again Ben …

    Now I feel rather idiotic and hasty to have messaged you my previous question. After fiddling with css variables, putting in new formatting functions within existing css variables, creating new css variables — I finally found the solution. (I had to edit an existing css variable and put in a new formatting function, AND I also had to create a new css variable.)

    In any case, it taught me some more about css (as well as how to do certain formatting things in a way that validates).

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  62. Alayna – That can join my ‘easiest support ever’ list. I’ve had a few people work out solutions before I have a chance to respond πŸ™‚

    Rafael – I’m afraid I don’t do freelance work anymore. I just don’t have the time. Sorry.

  63. Hi Ben, I use WP2 and your theme Regulus2 on a site hosted on wordpress.com and it works fine. Your Theme is perfect for my needs and well designed. So i decided to to use at work. I alreday hosted other blog on a Wamp server and all was fine. But … cause there is a but, when i install Regulus 2 the administrative side works well, but the public side in not more rendered, i always get the message ”
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in E:wampwwwhbswp-contentthemesregulusindex.php on line 122″
    I supppose i’m doing something wrong, but i don’t see what (others themes work well). I have tried with diffrent distributions of WP2, an original one, a translated one, Same Thing.
    I am using the wamp distro “Wamp5”, including php5.1.2, Apache 2.0.55 and Mysql 5.0.18
    Is there a trick to know to get it work ?
    I really want to reuse your theme, i hope you will find the trick …
    Thank you

  64. Jerome – There has actually been someone else report this error and it’s fixed in the next version of the theme, but for now you can fix it by doing the following

    Change linke 115 in index.php to this <code>'<?php }
    ?>'</code> from this <code>'<? } ?>'</code>

    Thanks to Kathy for helping mefix this

  65. Oh, thanks a lot, that was it !
    Now i’m able to complete my project.

    During my searches, i found AjaxRegulus and of course i’ve tried to use it. And guess what ? Quite the same case (therefore the message is different : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in E:wampwwwhbswp-contentthemesajaxRegulusthemetoolkit.php on line 500

    Do you also know the trick for this one ?

    Thanks again

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  67. Hi Ben!
    As I’ve already stated in an earlier post, your theme is great. Not only in the looks of it, but in the structure.

    This is especially true for the CSS positioning and
    typography. It is fairly simple to make changes to the layout, moving objects around – not to mention the built in admin options.

    I want to have some more widgets, bells & whistles, so I decided to add an extra column to the theme. And I did without knowing anything about PHP ( programming logic need though. Apart from copying sidebar.php to sidebar2.php and including it in the correct order of flow, it was a matter of CSS tuning.
    It is still a little rough in the edges, and I’ll keep working on it.
    It’s still your theme, so I thought you might be interested to take a look and maybe comment.
    It’s up and running and changes a bit every day now.

  68. Petit – Thanks for the comments. I like to see people making use of the theme – especially if they add their own spin/ features to the design.

    i dream – funny you should mention that. It’s on the todo list.

  69. greetings.

    i’m curious if there is a way to embed a href link tags inside the ‘About…’ window. so far as i can tell, it’s not possible. any tag code i throw inside the About box from within the Current Theme Options manager just shows up as is, not marked up. i guess i would consider this a ‘bug’. or maybe there’s a way, and if so, please educate me, i’m pretty versed with most code but can’t sort this one out.


  70. To solve the search problem, go to the Theme Editor panel, then edit the file “sidebar.php”. Change

    <form action=”/” method=”get” id=”search”>


    <form action=”<?php bloginfo(‘home’); ?>/” method=”get” id=”search”>


  71. nick – I hadn’t tried any html in the about box. I’ll look into it.

    Khaled – cheers, I’ll add that into the next version.

  72. Hi Ben, I use your theme Regulus2 on wordpress.com and it works fine. Your Theme is perfect for any needs we find and very well designed. Bravo!
    Sorry, but I have one more question:
    1) Can I Justify text on post? I look only left, right and centrate… why?
    2) I need insert HTML for cut&paste link, script and other whit my friends on Italosphera blog, but this simple operation appear to me that’s impossible on wordpress, any idea?
    Thx a lot again

  73. Saltino – What you are asking currently isn’t possible on wordpress.com.

    The ability to change the justification of text in the editor has nothing to do with the theme, and everything to do with how wordpress has been set up.

    The use of cut and paste also has nothing to do with me. I designed a single theme, I’m not a wordpress.com developer.

    I would recommend using the feedback form on your wp.com dashboard, or leaving a message on the wp.com forum.

  74. Ben, i just wanted to thank you on all the amazing work you have done. its a great theme, and the next version will be even closer to complete perfection.

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  77. Uploaded ver 2 to my themes dir and upon trying to use got this:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare regulus_add_theme_page() (previously declared in /home/search/public_html/wp-content/themes/regulus/functions.php:5) in /home/search/public_html/wp-content/themes/regulus/functions.php on line 3

    Removed it for now.

    What is the problem? I thought this was fixed?

  78. I dream in red & terrence – thanks

    Marty – You have upgraded to wordpress 2 haven’t you? If so make sure you delete the entire theme folder and reupload everything. It is working on many blogs so should be fine.

  79. Hi! I have some problems with this theme… when I’m trying to comment any post there are some problems with charset (default charset of my page is utf-8, database collation – utf8_general_ci) first post correctly show: “Ä…”, “ó”, “Γ„β„’” but last one…

    Look: http://pawel.be/media/kodowanie.PNG

    What’s wrong? Is that mysql fault?

  80. Your hacking skills are tremendous! Best theme ever! I can’t wait to play more with it. Thank you thank you thank you!

  81. Hi,

    First I want to say that I love your theme, but it seems like everyone else has already said that so I will refrain from comment. πŸ˜›

    Secondly, I am having a slight problem. I tried to add a link to my homepage on the sidebar, and then when it didn’t work, I deleted what I added. But now the search is weird. The “go!” button is appearing on the next line of the screen. I don’t know what I did to push it down there, since I only added one line, and I added it below the search box, but I would really like to have it back to normal!

    The form part of my sidebar code currently looks like this:


    Can anyone see the problem?


  82. Update: Nevermind! I don’t know what happened; maybe it just took a while to go back to normal but now it is looking fine again. πŸ™‚

  83. Hi i must join the rest in saying its a wonderful theme. and like everyone else i have one simple problem. in my comment section it says Message and under that is says ssage like the same word is being printed again with the front cut off, doesnt seem to affect anything but is annoying. have any tips?

  84. Hi there,

    Me again, sorry! I am having a slight problem with my blog, in which the Search box doesn’t work properly at all. My blog is located at http://www.suhaila.ca/blog and when I do any search (regardless of whether or not there are any hits), I get sent back to http://www.suhaila.ca. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it?


  85. Piet – this is most likely a problem with WordPress. Regulus is purely the visual side of your site and has nothing to do with data storage. Sorry.

    Jamie – thanks

    Stilgar – This has been mentioned before and if you get the latest version of Regulus should be fixed fine.

    Suhaila – This too has been mentioned before. I know the comments are rather long but next time check through them quickly, it may well save time πŸ™‚

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