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  1. Hooray for Jay is Games!

    –Another Jay from RIT who enjoys making games (although not as often as I’d like!)

    p.s. three cheers for travel; do as much as you can!

  2. >>Sales person in a record store

    So was I. Believe it or not, I worked at one of the biggest Heavy Metal departments around, over 20 years ago. I had a great time and worked with a great crew. Lots of fun, especially since I only worked there to supplement my pocket money.

    PhD? Forget it. 😉 I started mine and never finished as there were no jobs to be had at university at the time, no matter how good the grades. Just write ‘Web Designer’ on your calling card. At the moment, that has a much better ring to it (and gets you the future wife AND the beer).


  3. Gordon – so where is it then? 🙂

    Jason – I work at Miniclip so online games are a big thing for me. Jays site keeps me up to date on all the latest games so I have to visit often.

    Volkher – My record store job was only for a few months over Christmas a few years ago but it was good fun all the same.

    As for the Phd… I already have a degree so have a couple of letters after my name (although I never use them) – I nearly did an MA after I graduated but ended up bumming around for a couple of years (working in a pet shop). It’s not top of my list but it would be very cool to have 🙂

  4. Donnie Darko is neat. Very good choice of films, although I don’t think StarWars can be watched over and over again. Six of them…man, it’s a marathon.

  5. momentum – erm… wow. Thanks 🙂

    okeimakei – Star Wars is cool. I did try to watched films 1, 4, 5, and 6 in sequence when I was at Uni (2 and 3 weren’t out) but don’t think I could handle watching them all in one go now. I’ll give it a go one day though.

    Lindsay – sorry 😛

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