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  1. Hey that’s crap, why can’t people from Texas or Massachusetts get in on the gaming world. I guess they still think Texans spend too much time on the range for video game designing.

  2. I want to become a video designer, i have already my experience in movie maker, adobe photoshop and other applications related in video maker…

  3. I want to become a video game designer. I do not have any experience but I am a very good, imaginative and creative artist. i really need to know how to go about it and at all my art is relevent. If any software is needed which is the best for begginers and for experts. Also if there are any animators, artists or game designers who want someone to help in the art (especially of their characters) they can write to [email protected]

  4. i know what i takes to become a game designer….i’ve studied games all my life so i should be able to tell you what is wrong with and what made the game a great success….. even i’m still in school i would like to have a career as the next big game designer….. i will devote every thing i have just to make it in this career.

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