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  1. I’m on Dreamhost too, and in general, I’ve been very happy with their service. As you say, they aren’t perfect; however, the service they do provide for the price is exceptional. Because I run a personal site, I can tolerate the downtime (which I don’t usually even find out about until after the fact). I’ve had one instance where the creation of an SQL database took nearly 24 hours, but it was an isolated incident and hasn’t happened since. For me, the ability to have unlimited subdomains, databases, disk space and bandwidth that grow as time passes, unlimited user/shell/ftp accounts, Rails capability, etc generally outweighs the few growing pains that they run into. For the most part, the customer service has been excellent as well.

  2. Dreamhost Rails capability is maybe possible if you are an ubergeek. It’s not available out of the box. Step-by-step instructions on getting it running are not available. You gotta be warmly conversant with Apache/FastCGI.

  3. Jena- I agree entirely. I didn’t want to make out they’re perfect, but for the features and support alone I’d say they’re worth the money.

    Gene – I was under the impression that Rails was now installed by default (I know it wasn’t for a while). They have a fairly complete looking page about it on the wiki, although to tell the truth it’s not something I’m interested in so haven’t spent much (any) time looking at it.

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