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  1. That is too cool! The detail of it all and the size is really amazing. I wonder how long it took them to put it together?

  2. can you buy the aircraft carrier and how much would it be Wwe do not have a website

  3. I didn’t make the aircraft carrier – I only link to the website for the person who did make it. I very much doubt you can buy anything like it, and if you could it would cost a small fortune.

  4. 1. It is over 300,000 pieces.
    2. It took 3 years to build. (including constant revisions)
    3. It was revised about 5 time to got the desired result
    4. It can float in water.
    5. And I am never going to make instructions because it took so long

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  6. That model is sick!!!I’ve been building small models of aircraft carriers.Alot of time propably,may’be even 1,000’s of hours.I really like the aircraft carrier,where
    did you get all the legos from.

    1. Please read the note at the top of this post. It’s not my model. It was created by a Lego enthusiast.

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