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  1. Ben, finally you got a good post in here. Not sure about the “Swedish of all things comment” though, but I’ll let it slip, this time. Hope this comment slips through your very thorough censorship regime.

  2. Who says Bob Ross is not very well known in England.
    You try booking up for a Bob Ross clas in your area and you will soon find out what a following he has got.

    Jim Spiers

  3. Jim – Well I studied gcse and A-Level art and until my Swedish friend above started talking about him I had never heard of Bob Ross. I’m not saying nobody has heard of him, just that he doesn’t have the fame in the UK that he has in elsewhere.

  4. My first wet on wet class was 3 years ago. i got well and truly bitten by the painting bug…….a fortnight ago i decided to give up my full time job for a career in art and treaching – all thanks to Bob Ross and the inspiration he gives. sue. http://www.ayoubart.com anyone wanting a wet on wet painting experience is more than welcome – i have on-site accomodation for anyone who travels a long distance.

  5. I watch Bob Ross on Real Life TV over here in the UK every week day morning at 9am…The best programme ever.

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