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  1. i think it is a great i dea because it is up to date and will be good for the new here and now edition

  2. What! Extorting and ‘borrowing’ money while others dont notice, its an art form, I havent been beatern for years because of my skills at this! No… my reign could be coming to an end!! Rite, how do i hack the counting machine and software? mmmwwwhahaaa!!

  3. i think you mean the money you rob when they go to the toilet. Come on admit it, everyones guily of it!

  4. I’ve not actually seen this for sale, don’t have a clue how much it costs. Would be interested if anyone else knows.

  5. Do What me and the girlfriend do!! we use the money from the old gameboard and the credit card.. Thats always fun .. Regards .. iF YOU AINT BROUGHT IT .. PLEASE DO ITS GREAT FUN UPTO DATE .. PhIL …

  6. I got it! It was 40 bucks, and it’s worth it. It has annoying sounds though.

    I really wanna hack something. xD

  7. I’ve now seen it for sale. Woo Hoo. I seem to recall it was part of the new Simpsons Monopoly, but I’m sure it’s in other versions too.

  8. I have got the new world edition and I think its really good but the only bad thing is when you land on free parking their is no money in the middle to pick up 🙁

    BUT hopes still live me and my friend worked that one out and we said you can just collect 7.5m or something as theirs unlimited cash in tht thing. And by the way I live in the UK so I got mine from tescos for about £24.99

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