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  1. im thinkin about a game dat related 2 life in every way dat u play in u did something it may not affect u now but later in da game a game dat let u flow through it let u have a clear mind wats going on around u n wat u have 2 do n its wats going on now not in da future theres no limit 2 it like life so this game its your life

  2. im thinking of making a game that is going to be really cool like im going to put alot of movie games every thing it going to be the best game ever like i want to put halo,gears of war,jumper,matrix,hero the show,star wars,naruto, kindom hart,300,the spirit,ninja gaiden,and alot more stuff please help me make my own game for xbox360

  3. im thinking of the game lost make a another game but except being one person u can choose ur own characters storyboard out of the lost show like kate or jack or lock and u can choose the people that left the island and some that staid on the island please make this xbox box 360 game

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