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  1. You can make a living selling these games if you’re good at it… drop me a line if you ever want to talk how you can make it happen. I’m their #1 member right now but then again I have quit my day job to focus on this.

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the comments. It’s interesting to see how much other people use this. However Compare your money earned with the money earned by the person in second place and there’s a big difference. For me to earn a living doing this I would have to earn more than you are. I already earn a living working at a game dev company and I’m happy there so I think I will stick with earning pocket money from this πŸ™‚

  3. im confused on wat kind of games would i be receiving…would it be for actual consoles…like a 360? or ps3? and for the website, would i have to buy or rent or watever is it that i need to do in order to keep it running and mine? (ive never had my own website before so im clueless)

  4. Hi – you have to create an account on their site. The games are for the pc. I don’t know if they’re still available or not though.

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