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  1. Hi Jim

    This art has nothing to do with me. I think it’s wonderful but I didn’t make it. You should check out the website I linked above to get contact details for the artist.

  2. wow wonderful!i’ve never seen art like this before.i love this and i wonder if i could lern this.but how?

  3. I would like to know how to do those creations, specialy, making flowers, what is the paper used and how to color them.

  4. There are many types of paper art. There is the most familiar which is origami (paper folding – of which there are different types), then there is Kirigami (paper cutting – like paper snowflakes – but it can get so much more complex), then there is Quilling (which takes tiny strips of paper, coiled, then placed in patterns – to decorate everything from Easter eggs to hair clips, or make jewelry, or just art pieces), then you can roll strips of paper into paper beads to string into jewelry. Just “google” any of these items on “images” for the many ideas and many free directions. Have fun with paper – I do!

  5. wow i do this stuff and i am only 11 its good stuff but i fold books and make lots of flowers and long tubes its great!!!

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