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  1. I sometimes wonder if any research is done on workspaces and ROI, you know? Some sort of quantitative and qualitative analysis other than ‘I think it looks cool’ and ‘its different’. You can imagine how much is spent on some of these and you then wonder how much it contributes to the competencies of the organization…

  2. Interesting. I suspect it’s more to do with perception or an attitude than actually making money.

    Having a slide between floors in your office would make you far more memorable than boring stairs… and I bet the staff love it. I know I would 🙂

  3. I’d only work in an office if they had velvet covered computers that smelled like hyacinths and champagne flavoured lemonade you could drink from frozen goldfish.

    Seriously, though, Google and Pixar seem to have the warmest, most playful (yet serious) atmosphere. The rest look like bunkers and that bike, that’s just a bit silly, no?

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