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  1. lovely. i wish i saw this coming, because i would have added my own requests! i’m a big fan of regulus, and i want to stick with it. but since the introduction of sidebar widgets, there are a couple of issues i can’t seem to fix:

    1. the two-column format for the sidebar has switched to a single column, which wastes a lot of space.

    2. if i try to add the category count, it takes two lines for every category.

    i even bought a css customization upgrade, but am not sure what to do with it. should i switch to wordpress.org?

  2. Gah! I thought I had everything fixed now. I forgot about the category count bug. I will add that to my to do list.

    The other issue, with the two columns, can not be fixed. I designed the theme originally with 2 columns in mind, then added widgets when they were released. Widgets often need more space and I can’t do workarounds for every possible widget setup since I haven’t seen (and will never see) all the widgets that are available.

  3. fair enough. but is this something i can tweak with CSS edits (someone even suggested i overlay a regulus CSS sheet on sandbox!), or something i should get a wordpress.org blog for? that’ll give me the power to fix it, right?

    and hey, regulus is still the best looking theme on wordpress!

  4. ABD – If you liked the way the old sidebar looked then remove all your widgets and it will come back.

    The categories you “should” be able to fix with CSS but I haven’t looked so don’t know what code you require.

    Personally I would say that getting your own site and using the actual wordpress download would be the better way to go, but it requires a lot more time, and money. That said WordPress.com is excellent so if the look of the sidebar is all you want to changer i would stay. The features at wp.com are far more advanced than the download version of WordPress.

    Kay – Glad you like it 🙂

  5. Hey!
    I have some questions.
    1. In Regulus, I’ve seen people who own blogs have a colored box around their comments. How do you do that?
    2. How do you put up the recent comments thing on the side of your blog?
    Please answer!

  6. GREAT theme! The best in WordPress!
    One thing, though – I shifted the sidebar to the left and saw that the active page colour in the menu bar merges with the ‘Search’ bar colour. Didn’t like the look of that. Tried to find a way to move the ‘About’ to sit above the ‘Search’ bar, but there was no way to do it. At least, none I could find. So I had to shift the sidebar back to the right. Anyway, I still want Regulus.

  7. Ben,
    Thx a lot for your beautiful theme!
    One question: I would like to build a browsable hierarchy of pages, sub-pages and sub-sub-pages. When a user goes to a page, the links to the relevant sub-pages show up OK in the sidebar. But when she goes to a sub-page, there’s no way of knowing that there are sub-sub-pages.
    Ideally, when I create a new page in the hierarchy, the necessary navigation elements to reach that page should be generated automatically.
    In the WP default theme, there seems to be the same sidebar no matter where you are in the hierarchy. This contains links to all the pages in the tree, at least to the sub-sub-page level. This works, but doesn’t scale well for large sites.
    Maybe the best would be to have navigation elements to all child pages of the page you are on, plus a link back to the parent.
    Is there a way to fix this in Regulus?
    Thanks again,
    — Svante

  8. Gossipgurl – you need to fill out your name and email address in the control panel for your comments to be highlighted. I see you have worked out the recent comments thing so won’t bother answering that one 🙂

    Astromeridian – Thanks 🙂 At the moment there is no way to remove the search box from the sidebar and I suspect there is unlikely to be as I want to move onto new things (I have now started work on my next theme)

    Svante – So far you are the only person to request this – although no doubt others have thought it. The easiest way to solve this is to install the widget plugin and add the pages widget and then everything should show up as normal. That saves me from having to make any changes 🙂

  9. Ben,
    Thanks for your quick and promising answer…
    I searched for the pages widget, but didn’t find an obvious hit, so I am not sure which specific widget you recommend. Could you give me a pointer?

  10. Got it, thanks. Now I see all the page hierarchy basically as in the default theme.

    Anybody know of a widget that gives page links to the children and to the parent of the present page?

  11. I found the Collapsing Page Menus plugin at http://sporkfancier.com/collapsing-page-menus-plugin . After installing this plugin and deactivating the widgets plugin (it doesn’t seem to work to just drag the widgets out of the sidebar), things start looking really good. Since I will use a lot of pages, the whole list would just be too long.
    I guess I could just comment out the subpages portion of the Regulus sidebar code.

  12. That plugin sounds interesting. I am wary of adding support for lots of different plugins in case things go wrong but I will certainly take a look. Thanks for pointing it out.

  13. I am new to WordPress, but have read alot at the forum, faq and the entire Visual Quickstart Guide by Langer & Jordan. And the Regulus them is my favorite of all. Thanks for a beautiful look. One apparent glitch, though: when I add an image to a post or page with text, I click on the image, align to the left and then add a horizontal space of 10. The text aligns properly both in the editor and when I view the blog, and the space is added in the editor, but it does not show on the blog. Is it a problem with the theme? If so, can this be fixed?

  14. Ben,
    Another question: I wish to supersede my old website (which uses frames) with WordPress using Regulus. I plan to use Filosofo Home Page Control (http://www.ilfilosofo.com/blog/home-page-control) to make it more like a CMS and less of a blog.

    The old site has a forum, PunBB, which I run in the main frame. Now, my question is: is there any way to integrate this in WordPress/Regulus, such that the same sidebar, header and footer surround the forum?

    Thanks again for a great theme, and congratulations to your (well-deserved) ad revenues!

  15. I should also mention that my old frames site is at http://www.humle.se, and the experimental WP/Regulus site is at http://www.humle.se/wp , in case you want to take a look (sorry, it’s in Swedish).
    Found this roundup of integrating forums with WP: http://bloghelper.is-there.net/integrating-a-forum-with-wordpress/ .The first comment is from someone who has a pretty good solution: http://www.newathens.org/forum/ .
    But I haven’t yet found any way to keep the sidebar such that the forum page is really like the other WP pages.

    Sorry if my comments here become a little OT…

  16. hmm.. i would like to be a beta tester for your new theme! May I ask, how do I hack your theme to enable capitalisation of the page link at the top of each webpage? like ‘home’ to -> ‘Home’, ‘about’ -> ‘About’

  17. It me again,

    I think I know why it is doing that. My ‘main content’ field size is only 460px, so since the picture is bigger than that, it cuts it off. Here my new question, is it possible to change the content size on different pages, so if I change the size on gallery, it wouldn’t change on home.

  18. I tried using a custom image and use it in the header. The image I used is 733px by 186 px. But the image does not display though it shows up in View Source. I tried increasing the width and height of #header to match my image (733 by 186). Similarly I also increased the width for #wrapper and #content. On tryign to preview the sote, no content is displayed, only the wrapper border displays.

    Can anyone help me out?

  19. Hey Ben,
    Great theme.

    I want to add own backgrounds by default, so i added in style.css a new line for .hid

    But in the theme options i cannot select my own background.

  20. Ben, I’ve been working with this theme because it’s so well laid out and quite pleasing to the eye.

    I have a question about modifying the CSS – I’ve had good luck modifying the colors for most of the text, however I am stumped at how to get at the color of the text in the Categories bulleted list. Any thoughts on where this info can be located, or the hex code used for the color of this text?

    Thanks for all your great work!

  21. Tim – thanks for the kind words. I suspect this is a problem with the theme. The main problem is that I don’t like the editor so code everything by hand. This means I have never experienced any problems like this. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the problem would be or why it would happen. If you want to make images float left or right then you can always use the i_left or i_right class eg…

    <img src="img url" class="i_left" />

    Svante – I have no idea how to combine Regulus with Punbb. AFAIK Punbb hard codes all the stylings so an iframe is probably the way to go again. I would create a new page with the iframe on it. It may be necessary to create a new page template to do this but that’s not particularly hard. The other option would be to hack the punbb code but that’s a bit hard core for something like this.

    Shardz – I had forgotten I had done that :S To change it all you have to do is look for “ul#nav li a {” then go down a few lines and remove “text-transform:lowercase;”

    Muama – I’m afraid it’s a no to your question. The size is fixed and can not be made flexible. The reason for this is the centering of the page. I guess I could make the design full screen, or just larger, but I don’t think it’s necessary for most people. Sorry 🙁

    Manu – you have changed theme now so I can’t check, but I would guess you needed to specify the url for the image was incorrect (maybe make it absolute). The code to display the image is very very simple so very little can go wrong with it.

    Hans – there is no easy way to do this since it’s all hard coded, to make your images part of the default you would have to edit functions.php in the theme as well, which is a bit much for the average user :S

    Maybe if I do something similar in the future I will make it easier to add new images, but I think that is a little out of the scope of this theme now.

    Scott – All you need to do is change the colours in “#sidebar a” and “#sidebar a:hover”, this will change the colours across the entire sidebar though. To confine it to the categories you will need to edit sidebar.php to give the categories section a unique id of some sort.

  22. @Hans. I have done this editing before. But trust me, you won’t want to go into that, you will have to did the functions.php and another file I think. I will send you the instructions when I have the time to follow through the steps that I have taken.

    @Ben: Thanks! I never did like CSS, always need somebody to point me out the codes to look out for. Belated Merry Christmas to you!

  23. Hi Ben, first of all happy new year!
    And even though you heard this before: Regulus rocks! I’ve only started blogging for 6-7 months without any prior knowledge to anything and it’s the only theme I’m sticking with becaue it’s so beautiful!

    My question is (with a little background): I’m on WordPress.com and I just recently bought the CSS customization and I’ve been tweaking things here and there (it’s so fun, even though I’m a total newbie) here: http://hypun.wordpress.com/ (hope the ‘makeover’ doesn’t make you squirm Ben, I’m JUUST started hehe) so that I can put it on my real blog http://thehype.wordpress.com/

    As you can see, I’m managing with some thing, but I still want to tweak the BLOCKQUOTE Colour–which I can’t figure how.

    My tries were to tweak the #eef to any other colour but it doesn’t change:

    #content blockquote {
    background:#eef url ( ‘images/bg_blockquote.gif’ ) top left no-repeat;
    padding:1px 10px 1px 70px;

    Is there anything that can be done? Or is this one of those things that I need help from WordPress.com’s people?

    And just a little curiosity question: using Firefox 1.5, how come when you hover over a dotted-line link on the dots, the cursor goes flicks crazily? I notice it on your above links here as well..?

    Thanks again for taking the time, all your answers above really helped me out a lot to get started

  24. Forgot to add another question that I just remembered (huuge brain lag..):
    It is possibe to Bold AND Italicize the text in the posts? That’s one of the odd quirks I haven’t figured out using the css tweak (I got the title to bold & italic though)

  25. not sure if the code is showing up for you, but ill send it again incase…just take out the *s

    >about me
    >contact me

    sorry for the double post, and thanks again

  26. Hey Ben, for the Blockquote color changing thing, I was able to get help from the forums, so that’s resolved! If you still have time to answer my other trivial questions feel free heh 🙂

  27. Thank you for a great theme! I’ve just figured out how to play around with the colours. I’ve also modified the size of the header and applied the random images, which I was previously using on Kubrick.
    Question: I’ve tried to implement a smiley bar(Alex King WP-Grins) in the comments, without success. Could you guide me in the right direction please? Perhaps there’s a better way?
    Thank you.

  28. Also, just tried: LMB^Box Comment Quicktags 2.4 .
    Same results, can’t get anything showing up in the comment box.

    Any help would be appreciated

  29. Day 6, Figured everything else so far… Now I’d like to move the post credits…Comments etc to the bottom of the post…

  30. Regulus Rules. I am having problems with a few things on the site for my Seminary at

    Can I create subpages deeper than one level? Deeper levels do not show and links too deeper pages do not work. See..

    How do I change the background behind the Sub Pages Title and can I Change the Words of the title?

    SEARCH BOX How do I change background color to white? Changed it in CSS but did not work.
    This is my CSS
    #sidebar #search {background:#ffffff; }

    How do I change the background to clear behind “Current Pages” to white? this did not work.

    ul#nav .current_page_item a,
    ul#nav .current_page_item a:hover {


    Some Pages seem to show a different Stylesheet and Widget layout. If I use the top page navigation and click from page to page the nav moves around and some pages show the default Widget layout and others do not. I have a widget plug in. would this cause a problem? Thanks for all your work.

  32. I am switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, and I am going to use your theme. I notice there is no single.php, and I want to put some code in for each post, such as digg, reddit, and del.icio.us buttons. How can I do this?

  33. Is there any way I can get my profile image (or a thumbnail version of it) from my WordPress profile to display by each post on my blog (soatipsntricks.wordpress.com) in the same way as it does by comments?

  34. I fixed the social bookmarking problem, but now I have a new one. When I have a linked image, it has the dotted border at the bottom. Is there anyway to modify the css so that all linked images do not have any border?

  35. Has the theme been tested with the new version 2.1 of wordpress? The new features page mentions all sorts of changes, nothing of which I understand.

    I’m looking forward to upgrading my wordpress install, but I’d love it even more if I could keep using the Regulus theme!

  36. hi i use regulus v2.2 on my site at bizsolutionit.com and found typo bug when have no gravatar plugin install. i modify comment.php on line 38 into this to fix it.

    " />

    anyway, thanks for your hard work.

  37. Hey Ben,
    Great theme.

    Is there a solution for the categorycount-bug. It takes two lines for every category and I was unable to fix it myselves, yet.

  38. Great theme. I translated it to portuguese (european) so if you want the .mo or .po file just let me know and i’ll mail it to you 😉

    keep up the good work

  39. Hi,

    I am still using the old version that is uploaded on WordPress site.. I wanted to try the new release but don’t know how. Could you help me how to set up the Regulus Update 2.2.1 on my WordPress?
    I have already downloaded it, but don’t know what to do next to make it effective.

    I really like Regulus. Out of all the themes I’ve tried it has the most professional and practical usage, and would appreciate if I can work on the newer version.


  40. Hi Ben,

    I have just started using regulus by selecting it from themes displayed at wordpress. Its very good and I am impressed with your work.

    Only thing I wish is if Tag Cloud was available in plae of categories. Any chance of that happening?


  41. Hey,

    Thanks for the cool WP theme, I love it.

    I too was wondering if there is anyway to correct the archive and category counts taking two lines. If I switch from Regulus which I love and want to keep to the default or classic theme the count problem is resolved, i.e the counts end up on the same line. But switching back to Regulus the two lines come up again.

    Any solutions…

  42. Nathan: If you add this to the end of your css (or as custom CSS in wordpress.com, etc.), it seems to fix the category count issue:

    #sidebar a {

    I think I’m about to pay for CSS editing capabilities on wordpress.com mainly to be able to do this.

    Has anyone figured out what to change to increase the width of the main text column, and the overall content area?

  43. Jonathan,

    You’re a genius… it worked perfectly. I had to experiment with a few placements of the code, it needed to go not at the literal ‘end’ of the style sheet, but at the end of the

    /* ——–
    – SIDEBAR –
    ——– */

    section of the style sheet.

    1 000 000 thanks. I can now keep Regulus. :0)

  44. I love the regulus theme. I’ve modified to match what I had at typepad, but I am having trouble centering the calendar backgrounds.

    My site is spacemom.net
    You can see the backgrounds on the Month and the Days are not centered right.
    Any suggestions?

    I love love love your stuff. Thanks a ton!

  45. HI!

    I’m a huge fan of Binary Moon as I like the clean design. However, I am trying to get a 3 column for my new hosted site but I can’t find anything that can help me.

    Would appreciate if you could give me some pointers on where to get the 3 column download. I’ve seen people using but still clueless where they got it as I was searching around and yet can’t seem to find it.


  46. Hi! Great theme! Very versatile! I had a question though and it may be a silly one, but I am using the theme through edublogs.org and while it gives the option to change the picture in the header and an area to place your own header picture in there using an http address, I don’t know how to upload a picture from my computer and place it in the header.

    Thanks for your help

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  48. I think this theme is really nice. Here’s what I have done with it at http://richistan.wordpress.com/
    But I am wondering, how does a reader of the blog get to the next posts and the ones after that? I don’t see any next or previous clicks on the bottom or top! Am I missing something?
    Congratulations on a nice piece of work!

  49. Hello Ben! Thank you for the great wordpress theme.I liked the flexibility and the regular updates.

    One question; how do I change the font face, bolden and italicize the fonts in the posts?

    Thanks for your help and for creating a very good theme.

    Best regards,


  50. Ben … Great theme. We’re using it as we convert our church website (www.brunswickgracecommunity.org) to a wordpress powered site. You can see what we are testing at http://www.brunswickgracecommunity.org/blog2.

    Question: how do we customize the menu (tabs included and order)? We don’t want “Home” to show. We’ll be using a static front page called “Plunge In” and it needs to be first in the menu tabs.

    Also, how do we make a menu in the sidebar collapse so that if someone goes to “Page 2” page they will see “Page 2” expanded in the sidebar with all of its subpages listed.


  51. Just a short note to confirm that Regulus 2.2.1 is compatible with WordPress 2.3. Only a minor modification may be needed when you actually want to use the new tags in your blog.

  52. Hi Ben,

    No question for you mate, just a testimonial. Just found Regulus and loved it. Suits my blog down to the ground – easy to modify and looks great.

    Tried sending you $20 for hosting but it seems Paypal wasn’t playing so I’ll offer my help instead. If there’s anything I can do to say thanks for the theme, drop me a line.


  53. Thanks for this simply AMAZING theme. It must really be good, if the people at WordPress consider it worthy of being included among th default templates. This means that there are loads of people without hosting who can use your theme. 😀

  54. I am integrating Gallery2 into my site using the WPG2 plugin. The plugin is designed to hide the right column, which is does with this theme, but the column doesn’t really go away. Even though it’s blank it still covers content that stretches over there. We don’t need a fluid size for this to work (as in your reply to Muamer), but we do need the column to go away completely.

    See this page for an example: http://www.melwade.com/wpg2?g2_itemId=197

  55. Tim
    For the image formatting problem just find the term “.i_right” in the stylesheet.css and change it for “.alignright”.
    Same thing for “.i_left”, change it for “.alignleft”.
    In this way you can use the WordPress editor and all image and text formatting will look the same in the editor and homepage.

    Excellent theme Ben, you’re my hero, man!
    (btw, why did you put the i_right and i_left anyway?)


  56. Does anyone has problems with the comments shortcut? When I used Regulus on wordpress.com free hosting, I clicked the comments on the sidebar and it jumped directly to the comment on the post.
    Now that I moved to my own hosting, it jumps only to the post page, and no longer to the comment.

    Anyone? Ben?

    Thanks anyway

  57. Dear Ben

    One of my users on our WordPress MU site is using v.2.2.1 Regulus from the WPMU theme pack, they are having difficulty with getting the home page tab to tab to the front page. Can you or someone please give a quick how to? I’d be very grateful!

    1. Hi – I am afraid I have never used Regulus with WPMU, and I wasn’t even aware that it was included in the WPMU theme pack!

      As for the question – I guess I would need to see what’s happening to be able to comment.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply Ben. The user has created a new page, in order to create the ‘Home’ tab
        but they actually don’t want a new page, they want the ‘Home’ tab to take them to the front page. As far as I can see in this MU version, the only way to get to the front page is to click on the “recent post” links.

        I understand that things may work differently in the theme for the non-MU version. But in the non-MU version is there a way that you make a tab across the top that will take you to the front page. If I know that I may be able to work it out in the MU version…..

        FYI, I downloaded the theme from here:

  58. Ben,

    The regulus theme is excellent. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and, despite a few attempts to change at the start of this year under the logic that ‘it’s time for a change’, I’ve just switched back. It just can’t be bettered as far as I see it.


  59. Hi,

    I used the free Regulus template on http://ehsm2010.wordpress.com. Thank you for publishing it free. I have a problem, though. I will have no articles. I have created 5 static pages and Accueil is my home page. This page is doubled in the navigation bar at the top. How can I resolve this problem ?

    Also I would like to change the colour for the widget titles. I’m not too familiar with CSS language. I looked through the CSS sheet but I can’t find the exact place where the code for colour is set. Can you help ?

    Thanks a lot.

  60. hi, this is a great theme as i use it for my tektrends.net blog. one question: i like to increase the size of the blog subtitle as well as increase the size and bolden the font for tab/page labels like home and about. anyone knows what to change in style.css to do this? i messed around with various font setting but i still haven’t been able to change these fonts. thanks.

  61. Hi, I’m a big fan of Regulus, I recently got it as my wordpress theme after ages of admiring it! But, I am not someone who’s great with complex technology, especially HTML, CSS and adding updates to your favourite themes! 🙂
    Could someone give me some steps to follow after downloading the update? I’m really unsure!


  62. well i didn’t get any answer to my previous questions on increasing certain font sizes and widening the main text area (i.e. rweducing the margins).

    but here is another question: how can i make the default homepage into another page and move my home/blog page to 2nd or 3rd position and rename it to Blog instead of home? thanks.

    1. I am afraid there is no support for this theme. This post was published 4 years ago, and there has been no support in all that time.

      The changes you want to make are very basic so i would suggest reading up on how to alter css. There’s a good tutorial on this at nettuts

      For the homepage – I googled “wordpress homepage” and the first result was what you need to do 🙂 – http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

  63. hi ben, thanks for your reply and the info. i noticed the comments were quite dated. i’ll consider using another theme. i am considering buying using Elemental, your WP framework. i don’t mind paying for what works and is good. i want a decent business website, not just a blog. so i will invest in it. best.

    1. Wow – if you’re interested in Elemental then you’ll definitely be supported. The theme is constantly updated as well 🙂

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