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  1. well i can’t use it in london or blue water, what’s the point? So I puncture the ozone layer to go to brighton to use my coupon?? No way.

    by the way, whilst in Bluewater last week, the waitress person told me i could use a voucher during the week to get 50% off, but in your voucher scheme from Time Out there is no mention of that. She only mentioned Monday through Fridays….

    So what gives? Evidently, nothing.


  2. Hi Sara

    I’m not sure why you’re complaining to me. I just found out about the offer and thought it was interesting. I have nothing to do with the offer itself. I don’t know where it can be used or why you are complaining on a website which clearly has nothing to do with Yo Sushi or Timeout – the two companies involved.

    What gives?

  3. FYI people. I was also excited about this offer, but just got scammed by it. Went to Yo Sushi for lunch today and upon settling the bill we were told that the offer had expired on the 26th and we had to pay the full price. There was a measly little sign at the till informing people (a little too late as who checks signs at the till before ordering?).

  4. Claire – thanks for the heads up.

    Wasn’t the date on the voucher itself? I didn’t have a chance to use it so didn’t sign up and get the thing.

    I think I will edit this post to let people know it’s finished now.

  5. No, the voucher clearly stated that the special ran from 15th-31st January. The restaurant had some incomprehensible excuse and pointed out the ‘we have the right to withdraw this special at any time’ clause in the terms and conditions. However, I must say that upon complaining to Yo Sushi head office, they were most apologetic and offered to send vouchers as compensation.

    Lesson learned – always check for signs at the till(?)

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