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  1. This is indeed terrific news. I am another GRRM fan and especially of the Ice and Fire series. I dont usually watch a lot of tv, but this is one series I would definitely hope to catch. I just hope the immense complexities of the characters and their actions can be transformed to the screen justly! Oh oh, asking for too much?

  2. I’m not sure if this is great news or not, the books is really about the people and not the magic etc. around. If this is going to be good, they have to focus on the ‘game of thrones’.

  3. george martin will be involved and i assume have some control over the direction of the series . he seems to have faith in the talent of these two writers based on his own comments on his website.if these incredible books can possibly be given justice on film i think hbo has the best chance of doing it. practically all of the series on hbo are very well done. now please get started immediately, i need the box set dvd s.and i need “a dance with dragons” like yesterday. please.

  4. I’ve been on a holy crusade to convert people to the ice and fire series since 1998. They better not ruin it. Please dont ruin it. I think they’re going to ruin it. How can they not?

  5. As I mentioned I too am concerned that the stories will be watered down/ just not done “right”. I realise George RR Martin is involved in the production but that does not guarantee perfection – hopefully it will help though.

  6. there is also the chance they do it really well and we all love it and just when we decide we can t live without this show hbo decides its too expensive or they can t get any advertising dollars out of it so they one day just decide they don t want to make a season 4. like they did with deadwood which was the best show on hbo,and i ll be shocked if there is a third season of rome. but really i expect this show to be good. not as good as the books but good. just do it right and keep doin it right until all the books are done . yeah i know i m dreaming ,it ll never happen ,but man it would be sweet .

  7. My concern is this. Time. George RR Martin started writing his book back in 1994. It’s 2007 and he’s still working on the fifth book. This man takes his time. “Two” more books are going to follow the fifth for a total of seven. It took him five years to write book 4, and even that seemed rushed by the end. Book 4 by far has been the worst, thanks to his not very great idea of splitting up the series BTW.

    But anyway, waiting around for these books is going to take 10 or more years. Or at best, 6. Also, he’s going to have a LOT of diversion thanks to the series and the millions of other things he is currently doing, working on, tweaking, Dunk and Egg etc..etc.. So lets say the series is going to be a major hit. Ok. Fine. But in order for it to stay a hit, it’s going to have to be made one right after the other with NO pause because half the cast are children. If HBO catches up to the slow George the series will be ruined because actors arent going to wait around for a year or two. The children will grow up and the suspension of disbelief would be in tatters. This is not like Harry potter. This is George RR Martin we are talking about. I think HBO should wait for a while until all the books are finished, because George might want to pull a Jordan on us and add another book or two.

    My other concern is how they are going to DO this. I mean, half the books are about what they are thinking, and when you add voice overs in movies and tv, it just comes across as kind of lame.

    Anyway, I am rambling. Blarg.

  8. Im not too sure about the series. I love the books, but I am becoming fed up with the wait for the next book. Every time a publication date is printed on amazon I reread the series thinking I will be ready for the next book and hey presto the date changes. Too many books are ruined when they are made into films etc. such as Harry Potter. You have to be really careful about the actors you choose, especially when readers feel that they know the characters. I really hope its not made into some substandard creation like the latest Robin Hood. It deserves better. I hope it comes out as good as Lord of the Rings but I doubt it.

  9. Same as the others… I love the series, but it’s painful how long he takes to write these. It seems GRRM has no concept of where the majority of his fanbase and popularity arise from, namely aSoIaF. I understand he has passion projects and integrity with his work and all, but the wait for Dance for Dragons has been just ludicrous. He seems to spend far too much time blogging and not enough time writing. It’s unfortunate.

  10. I agree actually – I seem to remember him saying in his last book that he hoped to have it finished “next year”. That must have been 2/3 years ago. Hurry up already!

  11. when exactly are the palnning oto make this program, i mean th 5th book isnt even out yet (october woop woop) and il be interested to see how they cover the 4 books that are out, like some of the others commented the books are mainly about the chaacters and the different wya they deal wiht the over lapping difficulties each one faces, i’d love to get excited about this buit to be honest, with the way tvs going at the moment i seriously doubt this program is going to be anyfing to look forward too 🙁 prove me wrong.

    1. No idea – I heard about this ages ago and it’s since disappeared.
      into the ether. Would love to know if (when) it’s going to happen myself as well.

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