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  1. Thank you for bringing this into my life. I’m a metalhead and a guitarist but utterly hopeless at guitar hero. I do remember thinking “they should put some power metal on this game and see how people do”, so someone did.
    Still, 83% success rates make me admire this man, for some reason.

    Good find!

  2. 83% for this song is just nuts. It is amazing, even though it seems like he missed a whole bunch – and the song rocks too πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, I’m the guy that did the video. Thanks for the complements dude. Nice to know that people enjoy watching my videos.

  4. Very impressive. Do you have a way I could get this song for my guitar hero game. A hacking guide or instruction set would be nice.

  5. I love guitar hero but my girl is obsessed!!!
    Alot of the pubs around here have it so you can drink and play it’s pretty cool

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