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  1. ok, so here are my thoughts: thats awesome, that is a lot sooner than i thought they were going to release the book!!!

    but that also kinda doesn’t make sense, because i had thought that the reason they weren’t going to release the 7th book on July 7 (7-7-07) was because they wanted more of a time span between the release of the 5th movie and the release of the book…. But July 21 is so close in time span to the July 13th (which is the date the 5th movie will be released)…so if they are going to have the two release dates so close together anyway, then why can’t the 7th book just be released on July 7th?

  2. Yes, I heard about this, earlier.

    Steven Spielberg and several other writers are begging that Harry not be one of the characters killed off. But, we will have to wait and see.

  3. I quite liked the idea of it being 7/7/07 as well. Haven’t got a clue why they did it that way. I didn’t realise the film was going to be released so close to the book either.

    I don’t think it really matters what the date is though – both will do well regardless.

  4. I’m psyched.

    Are we going to hear anymore of your theories before the release of the new book Ben?

    I would like to hear your take on the title. It seems to point to an appearace of at least some of the characters previously killed off (namely Sirius) since hallows in defined as “the Oct. 31 Greater Sabbat, also called November Eve, the Celtic Samhain (“sow-en”); the beginning of the Celtic winter, and of the Celtic year; the beginning of the Witches’ Year, when the Veil Between the Worlds grows thin and the spirits of the dead may return to Earth; the Descent of the Goddess to the Underworld; the final Harvest festival.”

    source: http://www.ravenquest.net/WyldeWoods/h.html

    Interesting definition, although I can’t vouch for the credibility of the site listed above. Anyway, I hope this announcement will rev up the theorists out there again, things have gotten a little static lately.

  5. I’ve considered writing more about what I think but you lot have much better ideas than I would ever have so I am happy to let you work things out on your own πŸ™‚

    Your description above sounds very plausible for example. The whole “veil between the worlds” bit, sounds incredibly familiar πŸ˜‰

  6. Brilliant news! And I for one think that Harry Potter is such an incredible storytelling achievement that you can never be too old to enjoy it!

  7. yeah that’s true Ben, I agree I’m glad they’re releasing the book sooner than I thought they would! I was hoping for 7-7-07, but still at least it’s coming out this summer!!!!

  8. yea i’m surprised like all of you about the release but happy though but i think this is a publicity event as for example if the book is released first then people will watch the movie as well

  9. Interesting I think…..7-21-07….21 is still a multiple of 7…so the 7-7-07 theory isn’t too far astray.

  10. Probably, but it still keeps to the 7 theory for those who were hoping for that release date…just for fun;)

  11. Rowling said if they wanted to release on 7-7-07 that either the writing or the editing would be rushed, and neither her nor the publishing company was willing to do that.

  12. I love Harry Potter! It’s a great break from my university readings. Talk about one of the best stories of recent times… I’d love to pick J.K. Rowling’s brain. Wish I’d written something so amazing!

  13. Hey all,

    I was reading comments on an earlier entry, but I didn’t see anyone hit on something that I found significant.
    If we assume (for now) that Dumbledor is correct about Nagini being a horcrux, we have
    1.diary 2.ring 3.cup 4.locket 5.nagini 6.? 7.Voldemort

    Professor Slughorn knows what the 6th horcrux is, and it is something he finds immensely valuable. In book 6 in Hagrids cabin, Harry is pleading for the memory, says that he and Dumby need to destroy the horcruxes, and (drunken) Slughorn looks frightened/startled and says “but that means you would have to destroy…” and cuts himself off. I’m sure that the reference is to the 6th horcrux, as he wouldn’t seem to care very much about any of the other items on the list.

  14. The line Slughorn had about”having to destroy” was an obvious reference about Harry trying to destroy Voldemort. Harry said afterward “Don’t you want to help get rid of the wizard who murdered Lily Evans”, or something to that effect.

  15. dont deatheaters call volemort the dark lord?
    didnt the note say “to the dark lord”?
    wasnt regulas a death eater?….

  16. to bob (post 25): Yes Death Eaters call Voldemort the Dark Lord, which is what the note said because, yes, Regulus had been a Death Eater.

  17. *sorry in my last post 26 I made it seem definite that Regulus is the one who wrote the note, but of course we don’t know that for sure (although I think he is!) πŸ™‚

    but either way, whether he is RAB or not, yeah Regulus was a Death Eater

  18. I didnt read the blogs above so if this is a redundant question I’m sorry. Does anyone know if theyre going to make a sixth and seventh movie to corrolate with the last two books?

  19. to Etim: yes they are making all seven movies, and it’s really cool because Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are going to be in all seven movies as well!

  20. I havent really researched this,
    Because I dont really know where to look.

    Does anyone know if Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is still playing his part in the upcoming film?

  21. susan

    #6 horcrux is prbly Harry caz when voldermort was killing his parents he prbly accdently made harry a horcrux, so harry can do everythin voldermort can.

  22. to 30, Pezz: yeah Tom Felton is coming back for the 5th movie.

    also I really hope he is coming back for ALL of the movies! Tom Felton is, in my opinion, the best actor they could have gotten for the role of Draco. He fits so perfectly. The only problem is he’s already 19 years old, so maybe age could be an issue to him returning for all of them? But yeah he will be in the 5th movie

  23. yeh, i agree Lindsay most of them are getting old they can’t get new actors bcos most people will want the original chracters since movie 1.

  24. ya’ll wanna know what i think?

    i think that perhaps but i hope not that maybe maybe it would funny if j.k. made harry die in the 7th book. and voldemort win and then evil reign over the world. you know just to piss everybody off. after all it would be the perfect way to end the series. by perfect i mean good and bad. bad because the whole pissing the world off thing that i mentioned earlier. but good because the story would end and no one would care what happened to the rest of the world with voldemort in it. or who carries about voldemort? we hate him right?

    i may come across as not liking the series but actually i love it. and i wish that it wouldn’t end but everything must come to an end. and dont get me wrong i’m not a harry hater but she’s mostly likely going to put a twist on the plot. perhaps someone else in harry’s life will die. it may be ron? or hermione? which do you think would hurt him the most?
    if you think about it if they all die. lets say if hermione and ron die, after his parents, sirius, and dumbledore have already left him, who else has he got left to love? why should his world not end? after all, all he would have left would be his wretched fat muggle family that treated him worse than they would a mangy dog. and he would rather die anyway then go back to them.

    but then if he gives up, voldemort will have won. and with that thought in his head he will never lay down. not without a fight at least. and also that will mean he will have let his family down. a lost cause would be piece among himself and the dark lord but again that is a lost cause.

    so in the end, i hope that harry kills voldemort. end of story. but the only downfall to that is that if makes you want to know what happened to the harry after that………. it makes the story never actually end. it’s just the beginning of a new story. will she write it???

  25. #34- i would think that would b hilarious if it happened and no doubt most poeple would b looking for a refund of the book

  26. i think that ginny may die as harry has huge feelings for her and if she dies harry will get mad and it will give him the strenght to kill voldomort. the reason harry broke up with her is because he didnt want her to get killed but i read somewhere that she plays a major roll in the fight against voldomort.

  27. i personally dnt think harry is a horcrux because why world voldomort try to kill him so many times and in the 6th dumbledore said that he wpold make one into a living thing because thay are to unpredictable.
    nagini the snake may be one thats why voldomort is so close to it. but still dumbeldore said it would still be risky.

  28. gallbrotrix
    harry is probly not a horcrux because of wat dumbledore says in number 6 real live things are to umpredictalbe to make into a horcrux he even thinks that is was risky to make nagini into one beacuse thay can turn at any second. and voldomort liked treasures so i think it will be godrics sword.

  29. Dumbledore said that “living things are too unpredictable to make into a horcrux” or something like that, but you have to keep in mind that if Voldy DID make Harry the last horcrux, it was probably an accident. He didn’t intend to make Harry a horcrux.

    Oh, and by the way, the locket was among Sirius’ personal belongings that were listed to Harry at the end of book 5, remember? When that guy mentions a locket that none of them can get open?

    I was a Harry/Luna shipper ever since book 5 (you know Luna was based on a character from Azumanga Daioh), and if Ginny does get killed (which she probably will, just to make it a tearjerker), Luna might be next on Harry’s list… remember in book 5, after Sirius had died, the conversation between Harry and Luna in the halls of the castle during the banquet?

  30. Didn’t Slughorn say that an incantation was required to make a Horcrux? Wouldn’t Voldemort have had to intioentionally make something a Horcrux, and would a part of his soul be able to survive in a body he couldn’t even touch?

    I have one more question. Does anyone think that Fawkes will now pass to Harry or come back in the book at a key moment?

  31. no 40 remember dumby sed 2 harry voldy’s soul cant be in harr or thet he couldn poses him without sufferin mortal pin so harry cant be a horocrux but then j.k. might hav mad a mistake all gr8 writers do.

  32. I’ve read a lot of comments from several different websites and I’ve never left one. Now, however, I feel like I have to, just to get other peoples idea on my thoughts. I’m going to assume that by now everyone has seen the cover art for book seven. The way I see it is Harry and Voldermort are engaged in battle, but something or someone comes toward them from behind Harry. If you look at the artwork, you’ll see Harry’s head is looking at something behind him. Whatever or whoever it is must be signifigant enough to capture Voldermorts attention as well. My two thoughts were -A- it’s Regulus Black (also to me known as R.A.B.)- after all, we don’t really know if he’s dead. All we have is Sirius’s assumption. Remember Sirius also thought that Barty Crouch Jr. was dead. -B- it’s a phoenix. Not Fawkes but rather Dumbledore! Let’s explore this one a little further. When Dumbledore taught at Hogwarts, he taught transfiguration. I would imagine that to teach transfiguration, you would need to transform into something! We all know Dumbledore has a love for his phoenix. Could it be because he can relate? Let’s not forget that his coffin burst into flames (we all know how phoenix’s are reborn), and then Harry thought he saw “something” fly off in the distance. I like the whole Dumbledore can transform into phoenix theroy. I’m surprised nobody ever posted a comment about what if anything he transforms into. I do, however, believe that the human form of Dumbledore is gone for good. I don’t know how that affects my phoenix theroy though. A few other things to think about are -1- Voldermort and Lily. At some point these two had to have come in contact with each other prior to him killing her because he gave her several chances to “move aside” before he killed her. That’s uncommon for him. -2- Who is Dorcas Meadowes? I know she was in the original Order of the Phoenix . Moody told Harry that Voldermort killed her personally in chapter nine of OtP. Sirius told Harry in chapter six that Regulus was (probably) killed on Voldermorts orders because he wasn’t important enough for Voldermort to have killed him personally. This begs the question, who was she and what did she do to upset Voldermort enough to make him kill her himself? I’d love to see what others have to say about my thoughts!

  33. I think it is great, and i heard that two charactors might be kill off… maybe harry and voldement!

    im dying to read the book!:D

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  35. yer but Remember …. voldermort drank unicorns blood…. stating that ANYONE whoever drank it’s blood will have a HALF LIFE , A CURSED LIFE, he cant live he has to die. J.k rowling made this statement very clear , obviously theres a point for her fulfilled description. Its a fight between good and evil,,, voldermort will die , and harry will not. I dont disagree that someone close to harry will be killed…. but he will live. Voldermort has a cursed life!!!!!!!! oh and maybe the 6th horcrux is where harry used to live …. ‘Godricks something’ reflecting over the point that this is another founder of the school and where harry was supposed to die. ………………………….

  36. Godricks ‘hollow’ …… maybe something to do with the ‘deathly hallows’ harry revisits it mqaybe he’l find it ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The place where harry was supposed to die , he finds a part to kill volder.

  37. I fear for Hermione in the seventh book. It would be just like her to sacrifice herself for her friends. After all, isn’t that one of the common themes, putting your friends first? As long as nothing happens to Neville! I’d love to see Aunt Petunia turn out to be a witch.

  38. I heard the book isn’t being released on 7th of july because that is the date that the london bombings happened so it has been pushed back in respect

  39. well harry may well b a horcrux because voldermot would thind that he would have to kill himself to kill him. if harry dies he can easily make another one cant he? voldy probaly tinks that he would not kill himself. dont forget he marked harry as his equal. so harry will kill voldemort then kill himself to finish him of forever.

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