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  1. It shouldn’t matter, but the sad fact is that the ‘neutral’ choice in videogames (among other cultural products) is white and male. If you have a female central character, she’s often a piece of eyecandy for male gamers, and if you have a character who’s black or latino or Asian, they usually have a bunch of stereotypes stapled to them. It doesn’t mean everyone has to be portrayed in a relentlessly positive fashion, but something halfway realistic would be nice.

    I think everyone likes to have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the TV shows they watch, the books they read and the games they play. I have to admit I enjoy games like Oblivion where I can spend a few minutes choosing the gender, race and appearance of the character I play. Even if it’s purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay, I like to be able to have some input on who I’m going to be watching and playing over the next 15-50 hours…

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