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  1. I love Penn and Teller; I can’t believe people can still believe that Creationism is a science. First Kansas, and now Georgia – I’m afraid that Texas is next πŸ™

  2. To be honest this is difficult to watch. All those people preaching that there is no evidence for Evolution? Firstly, try looking outside of your bubble and take your blinkers off, because yes we can prove it by studying creatures with short life-spans over a period of time under strict and different conditions. Second, where is the evidence for Intelligent Design? The Bible? Concrete evidence there.

    Good post mate, I’ll come back and watch more of it once I stop seething πŸ™‚

  3. I would like to see the evidence for macro-evolution. You know, one species giving virth to another. I know no evidence of this, Instead, I understand that it is believed that given sufficient micro-evolutionary changes (adaptions or mutations), the result is a new species. Where is the scientific evidence for that method of speciation?
    A specific example would be nice.

  4. Penn and Teller. You champions. I am watching you on TV right now. But it is too late to save the earth from these losts so called souls of a never ending disire to find something that is not there. Evolution is common sense. We are drifting in a lost sea of bullshit and Penn and Teller are there with the life line if you can even see it.

  5. For some time now I’ve been a student of the debate between micro-evolution and creation. The problem with bigots, from either side, is that they close their ears and refuse to hear the other’s argument or data. There is much to be said about how science “devolved”, from studying how things in nature work to explaining just how it came about. Penn and Teller are talented entertainers, but that’s about as far as it goes. They are not scientist, not theologians, not even ministers, but rather entertainers who will do anything, or even say anything for a dollar (much like their televangelist counterparts.) Real science, is not owned, or been sold in a patent to any group of individuals, wither they are professors, students, amateurs, or even scientist. In order to prove something is a natural fact – it MUST be falsifiable! Anyone should be able to reproduce the results. Things must be testable. Anyone must be able to properly perform the test, AND come up with the same results. What was on this film was not two concerned individuals standing up for truth and justice, but bullies attempting to explain what they don’t know about, make fun of what people care about, and in the process demonstrated to me that their intelligence could NOT have came from any primates. Please, for your own sakes give up the argument, it only reinforces what we already know; you may be smart, but you hate authority, therefore you hate God. You are intelligent, but are lacking and feel simple, therefore you hate God. “A man of much Knowledge can answer many questions. A man of wisdom only questions himself. A simple man can not answer many questions, and a FOOL doesn’t realize that the answer he just gave – was wrong!” “Father forgive them for they know not what they do. ”
    -Jesus the Christ

  6. As for macroevolution:
    First of all, there are transitional forms between, say reptiles and birds (and I don’t just mean Archeopteryx but also more recently – the Microraptor)
    Secondly – advanced evolutionary algorythms (such as Avida) have demonstrated the probability of macroevolution

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