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Binary Moon Links Competition

I am in the process of working out a redesign for my site. The redesign will focus on building more of a community feel, and making the site more personal – in short focusing on what the you want rather than what I want. Some of the things I plan to add include recent comments, popular posts (based upon comments), and … a link list.

I have already started creating my link list, filling out the wordpress blog roll, but I want more links so thought I’d start a small competition to try and find some new and interesting websites to both read and link to.

linking people together

The competition

To get your link on my (page rank 7) site you should write a short article on your blog (around 100-200 words) and link it to an article on my site (any article from the archives).

Once you’ve written your article just come back to this post and link to your article – that way I know you’re entering.

See – it’s easy.

Competition without prizes..? Not here!

Obviously we need prizes. I am going to have three tiers.

  1. All entrants will get a link in a round-up post of the entrants. This will appear on the homepage for at least a couple of days.
  2. All the winners will receive links in my blog roll/ link list/ whatever you want to call it. I will have at least 3 top winners, however I may (hopefully will) add more than 3 links. Text-Links on Binary Moon currently cost $150 a month, and these links will be available indefinitely.
  3. The top prize will receive all of the above plus a review of their website on Binary Moon. Reviews currently cost $200 on ReviewMe, and the review will be permanently available.

In total that’s a minimum of $650 worth of advertising being given away, with the winner getting $350 worth. How can you say no to that?

What am I looking for?

I am looking for sites that are new to me, and that focus on my areas of interest, namely video games, web design, and entertainment (books, movies etc). If you think you have something cool/ unusual please do enter as I like to see different things. I won’t accept entries to sites that are spammy or blatant adverts, and shall simply delete any comments that I think are that way.

I’m looking forward to seeing who joins in 🙂


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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

54 thoughts on “Binary Moon Links Competition Leave a comment

  1. Oops – didn’t think of specifying a deadline. Let’s say the middle of next month then – that gives you a couple of weeks. So by midnight (GMT) on the 15th of August please.

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  3. I’m in! My post is in my URL.

    Should I win, I hope no-one accuses us of insider dealing 😉 (with you winning my contest)

  4. Chris – hopefully not. You got a fast track to my blog roll because of the previous competition anyway so you will appear there regardless. Now we just need to see if you’ll get the review. So far you’re the only entrant so you win by default… 😉

  5. Great competition Ben, and very generous of you. I don’t know if i’ll enter or not, i don’t have a blog but i do have a design related site.

    However, if i were to win anything i wouldn’t want the review as there are far more “worthy” sites around that warrant a $200 review then mine. I’d much rather see an outstanding site get a well deserved review.

    The Blog Roll link is very attractive though, and would be a huge huge bonus for someone like me with a shoestring budget.

    But most of all i wanted to say thankyou for giving people the opportunity.

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  8. Nice Site Ben. Good luck with your improvements. And here’s my review:

    Binary Moon Link Competition


  9. Ben, this site is great! I’ve subscribed to the feed and I’ll definitely be visiting.

    Here’s my review: Review: Binary Moon

  10. I am extremely confused what are we writing about? Are we writing about the contest or reviewing your site?

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  12. Thanks for the entries everyone. There’s some great sites on here – I’m enjoying going through them all. Keep them coming

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  16. I’m totally in, and I’ll post later today. I love this design, but I’m sure the change will be a breath of fresh air. I love when sites redesign >.

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  18. Hey what happened to my submission, Ben ? It was there yesterday, but its missing now. Maybe I shouldn’t have kept my fingers crossed huh ? Now I am totally confused.

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  21. My entry. Actually, I had a lot of fun writing this one, though it made me feel a bit King of the Swamp-ish.

    Looking forward to the new design.

  22. Hi there,

    You wanted to learn about some cool blogs, huh? well mine is a good one. (no mother has an ugly baby.)

    I’ve blogged about you at my blog (cool thing it is) at (in case you can’t find it).

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  25. Hey dude,

    I just posted my entry 😀
    BinaryMoon Links Competition

    I think that the competition is a genius idea..

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  30. Thanks to all the entrants. The competition is now closed and you can see the winners here. Please feel free to continue to link to me 🙂 but I won’t be accepting any more entries… of course if your site is interesting to me then I will always give it the once over.

  31. Hi Amarat

    I am afraid the competition has ended so no more entries are being accepted. Good luck with your site though

  32. I am not currently planning to run any more competitions of this type. Thanks for the thoughts though 🙂