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  1. One can probably get a micro-tower PC (those kind of look like a console) for about the same price. Much better hardware though. Alternatively there’s Xbox360 and XNA.

    Neat idea, but is way too limiting for what it should be.

  2. I guess you probably could, but this would be perfect for the amateur geeks such as myself who have little idea about hardware πŸ™‚ I think they are aiming for the “retro cool” market rather than the “proper gaming system” region.

  3. my person dream is to create my own game console,and also design the games along with it using and inspired by the “wii”remotes

  4. i’m thinking of a game system which you can play any games on it.like nintendo64 games or gamecube games or wii games.

  5. Due to copyright infringement I am afraid you would never see a console that can play all games but a computer can pretty much emulate any game you want to play given it’s powerful enough and has a nice enough graphics card. I am also tempted to buy this just for the sheer learning experience but than afterward I think you would be better off building a mini-computer and using a custom linux distro as a OS for the console.

  6. Hi there Ben, I looked at the Hydra way back and read a few of LaMothe’s (the creator) books. I actually did make my own games console in 2008 for a Uni project. LaMothe’s stuff is cool but sadly the world has moved on a bit so unless you want something really basic I suggest an integration job. Mine was an ARM based dev kit with a custom daughter board. I got the dev kit free but I’ve seen far more powerful kits for $50. I spend about $20 on components on the daughter board which works with PS2 controllers. Sorry to necro-post. Would be happy to send you the info on it and you can also check it out on my website (www.handsomemike.com). Double click the “Custom Game Console” icon and all my dev logs and schematics should be available along with photos etc. Cheers!

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