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  1. The team is working hard to make sure that UTW and other tagging Plugins will “import” easily with the new tagging system. That is part of what is slowing down the process, as well as trying not to make WordPress table-heavy, which can slow things down.

    Increase features while increasing speed and flexibility is a tough task, but they are determined. I like that.

  2. Chris – I used to use the tiger admin theme but it was just a little too buggy for me to be happy with it. I agree that the install and upgrade will help bring in new users too.

    Lorelle – I like the idea of the internal tagging system, and I can understand the complexities of building it into the system whilst keeping things speedy. I’m sure they will do just fine, and I’m also sure they will continue to tweak things over time.

    I’m uplifted by the features they have mentioned. WordPress has been fairly static for a while now (at least from a features point of view) and these new tasks are a good step towards getting moving again.

  3. Interesting stuff. Installation & upgrading has to be improved, in order to hook more new users who think WP is too complicated.

    I use the Spotmilk theme plugin for my admin pages, looks way better.

  4. On tags: I’m with you on this one, Ben. I might end up waiting in order to see how the new tagging system will work with Gnorb.NET. I used tags for a while (I forget which pluggin), but the results were… less than stellar.

    Also, like you, I used the tiger plugin — for about 3 weeks. I found it to be a bit of a hassle between different browsers, which is when I stopped using it. (On a regular basis I jump around 4 different browsers in 3 OS’s. Wouldn’t mind an interface that made administration using my cell phone cleaner. I mean, geez, what else am I going to do when I standing in line or in the little boys room?)

    As a tech writer, I’m also looking forward to this: “Expect tremendous improvements in documentation on the WordPress Codex in the next year with videos, screencasts, podcasts, and more.”

  5. Gnorb – yeah, now you mention it the codex improvements are a big thing actually – I always get frustrated when I go there. Once you find the information you want it explains things pretty well, the issue is getting there to start with.

  6. A new cache proxy called WPCP is coming which will speed up caching. Benchmark tests so far are amazing and will definitely speed up your WordPress blog. — That’s a relief to hear. I personally don’t have that problem yet because my site isn’t large enough but a few of my friends have slow load times to their sites. Can’t wait for the new update.

  7. Alex – I saw that (last point I mentioned). I’m pleased to hear that it’s working well though.

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