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  1. I’m going to nerd out now: This is SO cool. I remember when I was younger (before Mindstorms) I used to do a program in elementary school called Lego Logo (similar idea, harder to use). I built a sorting machine that was pretty neat, but no where near as complete and complex as that thing. The time this must have taken to plan construct and build is impressive.

  2. WOW..only just come accros this but how cool is this.

    Production line Lego, i wonder how long it took to setup. I bet it wasnt as quick as it took to put back in the box.

  3. Wow – how awesome is that!
    Reminds me of my childhood in the early 70s playing with Lego (electronics just emerging by then). No Mindstorms yet. Thankful for my parents, especially my father to nurture my engineering interests (which now are combined with IT and economics ;-)).

    Cheers, and thanks for the fantastic video

    PS.: … having worked in the production area of BMW I know what complexity emerges building a real car.

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