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Harry Potter – Unanswered Questions Answered

The book has been out a couple of weeks now and, based upon the comments I’ve read there are still some questions people want answered. Therefore I have collected together my thoughts, along with those of others (thanks to the commenters on the previous posts).

I should point out that this post contains plenty of spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet you should turn away now!

As an aside, for those who haven’t seen it, there is also a transcript of an interview available where JK goes over the post Deathly Hallows stuff. She talks about the lead characters and what they do with their lives, clearing up a lot of the issues people had with the epilogue. Personally I think it would have been nice if more of this was mentioned in the book itself.

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Harry Potter Questions Answered

  • What significance did the colour of Lily Potters eyes have? Snape cared for Harry – at least in an indirect way. The reason? Snape was in love with Harry’s Mum, Lily. Shortly before Snape dies he asks Harry to look at him, presumably so that he can look into Harrys eyes – the eyes that famously look just like his Mums. Snape would do anything to protect Lily, and just as much to protect her last living relative.
  • Why did Moody, and Fred (or was it George) have to die? These two characters needed to die. Moody had to go for a variety of reasons, firstly something was needed to increase bad feeling towards Voldermort and his cronies, and secondly, if he hadn’t died then he would most likely have gone with Harry, Ron, and Hermione to hunt for the Horcruxes. Fred died because JK decided to save Arthur Weasly who was originally planned to pass away. Why did Fred (or Arthur) have to die? Simply because Molly needed the motivation/ incentive to lay the smack down on a certain Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • How did Gryffindors sword appear in the final battle? Ok – this ones a guess, but I reckon it’s a goodun. Dumbledore once said “Help will always be given at Hogwarts, to those who really need it”, and Neville clearly needed help, and he was with the sorting hat at the time, the same place Harry got the hat in the Chamber of Secrets. (update : I wrote this before reading the Rowling interview linked at the start of the post – I’m correct πŸ™‚ )
  • Who are Victoire, Ted and the other children mentioned in the Epilogue? Victoire is Bill and Fleurs daughter, Ted is Lupin and Tonks son. FWIW unlike his dad Ted isn’t a werewolf but a Metamorphmagus like his Mum. Harry and Ginny have 3 children – James, Albus Severus and Lily, and Ron and Hermione have two, Rose and Hugo (not sure what significance those names have?).
  • Why didn’t Harry use the killing curse “Avada Kedavra”? I’d have thought this one was obvious. Harry is not a bad person, that’s what differentiates him from Voldermort – even in their final duel Harry doesn’t, instead trying to disarm the dark lord. Good Triumphed over Evil.
  • What was the baby thing in Harrys “dream”? The baby was the part of Voldermorts soul that was living in Harrys scar.
  • What was the silver stuff coming out of Snapes head? I’d have thought this one was obvious but I’ve seen it asked so thought I’d mention it. This silver stuff is Snapes memories and the reason Harry can look into Snapes past in the Pensieve.

Harry Potter Questions Unanswered

Unfortunately I still have some questions that need answering and I have no answer to – so maybe someone out there does?

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  • Why did Ron have to disappear for a couple of chapters? I understand why he got upset but there didn’t seem to be any big reason why he should have done what he did. All I can think is that Rowling wanted to have a use for the “putter outer” beyond putting stuff out.
  • Why/ when did Lupin and Tonks die? Maybe I missed the bit where there deaths were mentioned but I could have sworn they were fine one minute and dead the next. Nothing in between. I can understand Moody and Fred (as mentioned above) but Lupin and Tonks?

Any more for anymore?

Come on then… what have I missed?


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  1. I think the purpose of Ron leaving was so he could provide exposition of what was going on in the world after he came back. Otherwise they were camping in the middle of nowhere and had no idea what was happening. He told them about the Taboo as well as wizard wireless and other stuff like that.

    Also, I think it was just basic dramatic tension. All that camping was getting pretty boring.

    And when Ron comes back he also gets a heroic moment and also resolves his feelings towards Hermione (jealously over her choosing Harry, etc.).

    As for Lupin and Tonks, she mentions who kills them in that interview (Bellatrix kills Tonks, someone else kills Lupin…Dolohov maybe?), but their actual deaths weren’t shown in the book. I thought that was pretty disrespectful of those characters.

    I’m with you, I don’t mind any other deaths in the book except for those. Even after she explained her reasoning (to mirror Harry’s parents dying in the last war), I still think killing them was rather pointless and cruel.

  2. Clair – that’s what happened – yeah, but I’m not sure why that’s desirable?

    Emily – thanks for the comments. I guess that makes sense about Ron disappearing but I’m still not convinced it was the best way to do it. They could have found out the information in another way. I did read the thing about Lupin and Tonks in JK’s interview, but I don’t really agree with her, and think it should have been explained better in the book – afterall not everyone will read the interview.

    • Ben- I agree with you. i myself haven’t read the interviews but i just used my imagination to give it a point. i could be wrong of course, but it just makes me happy if i think that i know what is going on and why.

  3. I think Ron disappeared, in order to finally show Ron’s strengths. Harry and Hermione have very obvious strengths (Courage and intelligence respectfully), but Ron’s isn’t so obvious. Only when he was gone did the other 2 see how crucial he was to holding the group together.

    I actually see that triangle a lot like the Buffy-Willow-Xander one. Buffy=Harry, Hermione=Willow and Xander=Ron. The group shares a lot of the same dynamics, and I think the point JK was trying to make about Ron was the same one that Joss Whedon spent so long trying to make about Xander (Esp. in series 6). They’re both good people, and are needed to hold the group together.

    As for Tonks and Lupin, I think it was sort of appropriate, showing that all wars have consequences. With an ending like that, the battle may have been a victory, but it wasn’t a success (Am I saying this right? xD ). It was also nice that they died together, showing that they really did love each other, despite the hard times.

  4. I have a different view of why Ron left. There are the obvious plot benefits (the subsequent addition of an outside perspective, etc.), but the whole episode revealed an important flaw in Ron’s character, his insecurity. The entire time before this event he had acted as an anchor for the group (not in the positive sense), weighing them down and providing almost no magical or logical insight. The effect the horcrux had on him forced Ron to cope with his insecurities, specifically his fear over a possible Harry and Hermione relationship and his failing resolve in the mission, and made him a changed person the rest of the book. It makes since that Tom Riddle’s soul would have been able to feed on these insecurities, and only through his coping with these problems, symbolized by the stabbing of the locket, could Ron reach Harry and Hermione’s level of defiance to Riddle.

  5. In my opinion the reason that Lupin had to die is because of the final walk Harry makes towards Voldemort in the forbidden forest, in the company of his dead parents, Sirius and and the recently deceased Lupin (who looked better and more relaxed than when he was still alive). The old friends of the past (with the exception of Pettigrew ofcourse) had to be complete for this to have the highest impact on the reader possible (yes, I cried).
    The reason Tonks had to die is that Rowling is just plain evil.

  6. Dude Robert, I cried too. Right when Harry said, “don’t leave me. ok”.
    As far as the whole Ron thing, I am convinced that it was purely for the suspense. I mean she made it clear early on that there were going to be significant deaths she had to keep us guessing.

  7. I think it was way better that the marauders were together at the end. But one of the reasons I think the three of them (Fred, who had a pretty empty death, and Lupin and Tonks, who probably fought epically off camera) died the way they did (without Harry crying at their sides, I suppose) is kind of in line with the thought above that if they hadn’t, the war wouldn’t have had any consequences. All in all I think they came out of that war remarkably well off — it would have been even more ridiculously unrealistic if no one had died in a sort of stupid way.

    Also, though we didn’t see Lupin and Tonks die, I would imagine that it was epic. So it’s not that they didn’t go out in a blaze of glory, we just didn’t see it. And there’s no logical way we could have, either. They died in the battle at the castle while Harry was in the forest owning Voldemort, though.

    I agree with other commenters who’ve said that Ron’s absense was to cement his worth to the trio and highlight his character. Sure, he could’ve stuck around and maybe taken off the locket and been fine, but if he had done that he never would’ve faced up to his main detractors — it would’ve been the easy way. This way, he did something he shouldn’t have, realized it, and came back to make it right.

  8. I always thought the disarming was nonsense, if Harry had killed the Death Eaters he’d come across, lives would have been saved. Isn’t the destruction of evil to save the innocents more good than letting evil off to kill some more?

  9. The reason Tonks had to die is that Rowling is just plain evil.

    lmao – Someone had to say it. πŸ˜†

    IsnÒ€ℒt the destruction of evil to save the innocents more good than letting evil off to kill some more?

    If there was an answer to that, morals in real life would be much, much simpler. Are you saying that the death penalty should be introduced in all countries, and used for many more crimes? (Define evil?). It all gets complicated. Murder for any reason is still murder. It would have been a lot to deal with, and Harry would be more of an anti-hero, than a hero then.

  10. I agree with the Lupin/Tonks thing. I think he (Harry) was under his cloak taking one last look before heading out to the forest when he was just like, “Oh, look, Lupin and Tonks dead. Hmph. Well, better get going, I might miss tea time.”

    The whole 19 years later thing was nice, but unnecessary , I think. I called it all before turning the page :

    A friend told me before I started the 7th book (having finished the 6th that same day, it had been years since the 5th) that McGonagal was a death eater, so that ate at the back of my mind the whole time πŸ˜›

  11. Some more interesting ideas. I like both the theories about Ron and why he disappeared for a chapter. I also think the idea of the Marauders being together in the final battle is interesting.

    Joe – thanks πŸ™‚

  12. This is related to when Volde is hunting Gregorovitch and he kills that women and her family. The mother of the children died while trying to protect them, just like Lily with Harry. Wasn’t this love? If so, why was Voldemort able to kill the whole family witout getting the curse rebounded upon himself?

  13. the children who were killed weren’t the “chosen ones” plus they were muggles, so they wouldn’t have any magical protection, or maybe they aren’t able to tap into it. either way it is fitting, now if voldemort had gone after Neville as a baby and his mother jumped infront of him he would have been saved because the prophecy related to him as well. I agree as well with the ron leaving to provide an outside report. and I think Fred had to die to ground George and force him to be a responsible adult, without this motivation neither one would have been able to move on. Also back in book 1 or 2(can’t remember now) fred makes the comment to Percy that him telling a joke wouldn’t kill him… ironic don’t you think

  14. Correction. J.K. said that instead of Arthur dying somone else who was father died. So… your reason for Fred is wrong. Just thought you should know because it kind of made me doubt the rest of your answers.

  15. nevermind… maybe I was wrong. “I– when I sketched out the books, Mr. Weasley was due to die in Book Five.” Instead, Rowling swapped his death with someone else in the final book. “I don’t want to say who for the people who haven’t- read,” she said. But I – I made a decision as I went into writing Phoenix that I was gonna reprieve Mr. Weasley and I was gonna kill someone else. And if you finish the book, I expect you probably know and someone else who is a father.”

  16. His death was swapped with Sirius’, whose name is also a star, also known as the Dog Star, which explains why he turns into a dog when he transforms into an animal.

  17. Rowling has said that she wrote in so many parents dying to show how truly evil Voldemort is – he stops at nothing to get what he wants. I think it illustrates her point reasonably well.

    That said, I was upset that Tonks and Lupin’s death seemed to be glossed over. Just like you said, one minute they were fine and the next it was talking about their bodies. Odd, I thought, given that they seemed to be so important otherwise.

    The thing irked me was that Rowling said someone would do magic at a very late age, and after finishing book 7 I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who it was. Then I read a transcript of her explanations and someone mentioned this, and she revealed that she did not write it into the story. What a let-down! I was looking forward to finding out who it was.

    Re: Robert and Nick – that part got me as well. I just felt so bad for Harry – so many people he loved were dead, but yet there they were, supporting him at his death and guiding him along, one last time. *sob*

  18. The reason Lupin and Tonks died is because it shadows Lily and James. It completed the circle. Ted was left without parents just like Harry was, but now Ted has Harry has a godfather. History repeats itself.

    I always thought the reason why Ron left was explained in the book. They are teenagers who are left to deal with this huge task where they do not even know where to start, tempers are going to flare and especially with that locket hanging around their necks like some sort of noose. Ron leaves, because that’s something Harry always said they could do in every book, but neither do. Now was the time to test the friendship. Plus, I can’t remember how the quote goes exactly but, Harry states “No, he always knew you would want to come back.” In reference to the reason why Dumbledore left the put outter to Ron. It’s true. He may have left, but that fact that he comes back proves the strength of their friendship. Plus, that’s when everything started to go right. They find the sword, destroy the locket, etc.

    • Voldemort couldn’t die because he was tied to earth through his horcruxes. It’s almost the same with Harry. He was still alive because of his blood in voldemort. Part of him was still tied to the earth. Also, voldemorts spell killed the part of his soul that was in Harry, not Harry himself.

  19. Why Harry lived (to pari): because volde took part of harry’s blood in book 4, he also took party of the protection lily made (which protects only HARRY not volde). When Volde tried to kill Harry, the protection still existed inside of Volde, thus keeping Harry alive. Harry couldn’t die as long as Volde lived and the protection existed.

    I think it would have been cooler if he had lived because he had mastered the deathly hallows. Dumbledore said he was the only one who could have possessed them because of his good intentions, and it was after all the name of the book. He had the cloak in his pocket, the elder wand was his because he disarmed Draco, and he had the resurrection stone in his hand, but dropped it to the ground right before he faced Volde. It just didn’t seem to fit. any thoughts?

  20. I’m still troubled by Snape’s death. Yeah, I had him pegged as a martyr quite some time ago, but it seemed like he was (narratively speaking) wasted.
    I’ve long thought of him as the most interesting character of the series, and while I understand not giving him more time on stage in book 7, he seems sorely underutilized–she spent all this time in the previous books setting up a redemptive pattern with Snape and Draco only to drop (or at least underplay) it in DH. Her disposal of him is quite cavalier, and was really not mandated by the plot (I think the whole wands/Hallows bit got rather messy and unclear, not to mention that in the context of the book, his wound seemed reasonably survivable with Hermione on hand). Yes, we know, Voldemort feels no loyalty and doesn’t respect life; the wanton destruction theme has become obvious by that point. Not to mention the message his death sends: life is pain, even if the mission is completed successfully.

    True, it is very touching that Harry comes to recognize Snape’s bravery, but it is far easier to eulogize a martyr than to deal with an unpleasant hero. I suppose with Harry’s survival, someone had to fill the “noble sacrifice” spot, but I just keep thinking Snape was offed not to make a point, but to tidy up the story. Getting into the story of a character as complex as Snape could easily have filled a whole book. Nonetheless, I don’t feel the cut was very well handled.

    I did enjoy the book, and I am probably just bitter my favorite character didn’t make it out. A while back I read someone’s comment to the effect that JKR has gone on record as being irritated with fans’ facination with the ‘bad boys,’ and killed Snape so ignominiously to kind of stick it to those fans. I mean, I doubt that is true, but the idea does keep coming back to me.

  21. The “Ron Disappears for a few chapter” was explained in the book. He was under the influence of the ‘crux spirit and almost immediately calmed down. But because Hermione’s guard spells hid them from the outside Ron couldn’t find them either and kept trying to catch them before they moved to the next spot. Hence Hermione hearing someone moving around the campsite and Ron just happening to be around when Harry needed him the most.

    As to why Lupin and Tonks needed to be offed, well… if not them who? It was WAR that they were fighting and in war people die. Same with Moody and the twin. Stuff happens to good people for no other reason than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time fighting for something they believed in.

  22. The death of Lupin and Tonks was very subtile but still very clear. I would have to reread to be clear but at one point we read that Lupin is dueling Dolohov. A little later we read that Dolohov is dueling someone else; implying that Lupin is dead. After this (or before?) Tonks informs of Lupin’s whereabouts outside the Room of Requirements and runs off after him also to her death.
    Personally I think Rowling wanted to show that wars always result in pointless deaths and that killing off Lupin and Tonks helps to show that this is not a Disney fairy tale but a novel with a little more deapth

  23. Daniel – I agree that that’s why it happened, I just don’t feel it was done in a good way. These two characters, Lupin in particular, were a big part of the book, so to kill them off this way just seems wrong to me. I think Lupins death would have had more power if we’d experienced it – as it was it just kind of washed over me.

    • This is my problem with the movie. You’re not even there for Fred’s death. In the books, I cried over hedwig and moody and dobby and Fred (not so much tons and lupin, as you said there wasn’t much detail) but in the movie I was just like meh. They’re just laying there. You were not in it at all. If you weren’t a huge fan, it would be easy to look over the bodies.
      I wish there had even more detail for the two of them in the book, and the three of them in the movie.

  24. I agree with all these posts about the reason for Ron leaving, but I also thought it was a good plot twist. That portion of the book was kind of drawn out (as it was supposed to be- we were just as frustrated with the lack of progress as Hermoine and Harry were) and it gave me a little more of the OMG what happens next. I kept waiting for the news that Ron was captured by death eaters and/or used to bait Harry out by LV.

  25. I also think that Ron leaving showed Ron’s character. He isn’t always the just stay by Harry no matter what boy, like when Ron didn’t believe Harry did not put his name in the goblet of fire.
    I totally agree with Mike #26 about Lupin and Tonks. Good people get killed in wars even characters we like!

  26. Samantha, Draco was entitled to the Elder Wand because he was the last wizard to truly get the best of Dumbledore. We though it was snape, but Dumbledore planned to let Snape kill him. So, Snape killing Dumbledore was just acting out Dumbledore’s wishes and not getting the better of Dumbledore in any way. So, Draco using the expelliarmis charm was the last to get the better of Dumbledore by disarming him of the Elder Wand.

  27. Leah, if I’m not mistaken an Auror’s whole purpose is to defend against Voldemort. There’s no point for them anymore if he is no longer a threat. Also, he wouldn’t exactly need a job when he had all that money (from the first book?) in the first place.

  28. I also want to know if Harry became an Auror. It was his only ambition as far as careers that I remember. I saw someone else asked and no one responded. It was the first thing I thought of when I finished the book. Does anyone have any thought on this.

  29. #34 Leah, JK Rowling answered this question in her webchat, see link in Ben’s post. Harry and Ron are both Aurors and Harry works up to become the head of the Auror department. They revolutionize the Auror Department in the ministry of magic.

  30. One question with no answer:

    What character turned out to have powers that we didn’t know about. I never read anything about that?

  31. Sam – again, the interview answers this πŸ™‚ JK changed her mind about this and didn’t include it in the book.

  32. One thing that I felt was never explained was when did Lily start to like James? She never seemed to even like him and then all of a suddened she’s married to him?

    • Harry asks this exact question. Lupin tells him they starts dating in their seventh year, after James’ head deflates a little.

  33. Voldemort thought that since Snape killed Dumbledore,Snape is the actual owner of the elder wand.He also knew that Dumbledore took that wand from Gregrovitch in a duel and became it’s owner without killing him.So, my question is why did Voldemort killed Snape to become its actual owner.Snape had been very faithful(as Voldemort knew him) to voldemort and he could have organized a duel between him and Snape in which he could have won easily and become the master of the elder wand.

    • Because voldemort doesn’t have feelings. Or care about others. Death seemed easiest to him. And the death stick/elder wand/wand of destiny had a very bloody history. I think voldemort would have thought this the best way to gain control over it.

  34. Voldemort was cocky. He didn’t bother thinking things through (ex: room of requirement). to him, snape had the wand, and the only way to truly overpower someone (to voldy) is to kill them. thus, he killed snape. i really want jk to write a scene in which harry talks to snape’s portrait for the first time. i think it would probably be one of the most emotional of the entire series.

  35. lol actually ben i think we should start an entire series of comments on scenes we wish jk would write. maybe we could convince her to πŸ™‚

  36. Amy,
    My scene would be the person who used magic late in life while in dire circumstance who did not previously have magic- It would have been Petunia. The scene would have been hilarious. Can you imagine Petunia’s reaction. Torn between hating magic and secretly being happy that she finally could use magic just like her sister.

  37. Petunia would probably have used magic to make her neighbors’ yards grow shaggy overnight, while keeping hers the consistency of a golf course… She’d deny that she was using magic, of course.

  38. Why does Harry have to have that talk with Dumbledore when he’s dead?? I mean, sure, he’s got some unanswered questions, but not all of them were for Dumbledore. Were they??

  39. One question, if the elder want is invincible, how did Dumbledore defeated that man (forgot the name) and get it?

    Draco winning it makes sense coz Dumbledore dind’t even try to fight him, but Dumbledore is known for his amazing dual with that man. If Dumbledore could win the battle, what makes the wand so special??

  40. Why is it that Harry could save Buckbeak’s life in the third book by turning back time, but couldn’t save anyone else’s life, like Sirius, or Lupin, or Tonks, in the later books?

  41. why was dubmledore ignoring harry potter during the year in order of the pheonix? and why what the reason the scar was left behind when the prophecy scene was with malfows dad said he will tell harry potter the reason he didnt die?

  42. 48 – in book 5 they accidentally destroy all of the time turners during the battle in the department of mysteries. JKR said that in some interview that I read.
    49 – Dumbledore knew of the connection between Harry and Volde and didn’t want Volde to use it to possess Harry and weasel info out of Dumbledore or to show Volde anything accidentally. I didn’t really understand your second question, sorry.
    47 – the wand wasn’t special. that was what dumbledore learned and what volde could never figure out, he never realized that there were deeper magics than powerful wands.
    46 – The “speech where Dumbledore explains everything” is a classic part of every book, and acutally a classic element of British literature. She couldn’t leave it out of the last one.

    Just my opinions, of course.

  43. #46 Zabou- Also go to the top of this page in Ben’s original post and click on thanks to previous posts. Read comments #104-112 about the elder wand.

  44. I have a question RE: Goblet of Fire. If the Ministry can detect magic in “Muggle areas”, why didn’t they know that Voldemort murdered Frank in the Riddle home?

    • Because the Riddle home belonged to a family of wizards which therefore means that it is a magical area and spels cannot be detected πŸ™‚

    • Actually, when they came to investigate, Voldemort modified Morfin’s memory (Voldemort’s uncle) and made him think that he killed the muggle family. So the ministry did pick up the magic.

  45. i was dreading lupin and tonks’ death the whole book, i knew that people were going to die and i thought that they were the most likely. Because they are characters we have grown close to, but aren’t really that important to the story anymore. Also, there’s teh whole ‘romeo and juliet tragic lovers’ thing. When they died i wasn’t shocked or anything, i was just sad!
    but it was dobby’s death that shocked me- how could she? I hated Jk rowling after that!

  46. I don’t know if this has been answered, but Ron had to leave Harry & Hermione because of the Put-Outer. Dumbledore gave him that little silver lighter thingie because he knew that Ron would leave Harry & Hermione. Ron gave up on Harry when he thought that Harry entered the Triwizard Tourney alone – remember? Hermione was the one that stuck by him. Ron came round in the end, returned to Harry & Hermione, I guess you can say. Anyway. What would the point of a) leaving one of harry’s good friends out of Dumbledore’s will? and b) giving Ron an object that leads you to your destination…I guess you can say…if there was no intention of him either leaving or coming back.
    Does that make sense? It does in my head.

  47. Hello, I’ve never done this before, so please excuse any errors or stumbles!! Just had one quick thought on the unspoken identity of the unmagical person suddenly able to do magicks~~~~~~could it possibly have meant to be Dudley, Harry’s cousin? He DID try at the very end to do right by wanting Harry to come to safety, too.

  48. rowling said we would find out what dudley’s worse moment was when the dementor attacked him- but I’ve re-read DH and can’t find itanywhere

  49. Septimus – I seem to remember Rowling answering this in an interview somewhere. She said something like when Dudley met the Dementor he saw himself exactly as others saw him (a spoilt bully) and decided that wasn’t a way to live, which is why he was nice(r than normal) to Harry before they parted ways.

  50. I Think the idea of Ron backing out of the plan was that he brings news about the outside world and and if he wouldn’t have left they would not know what the “DELUMINATOR” actually did and also he came back with full energy and bought up enthusiasm amongst all the 3 of them!!

    • Totally agree. I was thinking about answering that. Nevertheless, Hermione was really upset when Ron came back. He also brought (if I’m not mistaken) the news of that radio station, in which Lee Jordan, Fred Weasley,Lupin and I dont remember who else, were present. (sorry about mistakes. I’m not a native speaker. I read the books in spanish and the radio station was called “Pottervigilancia”).But then everything was the same. Great answer Phenom

  51. well like everyone else says i beleive that lupin and tonks had to die because if they didnt it would be “HOGWARTS had one the battle with only a hand full of deaths but the fact that people say that lupin and tonks were the only people they cared about shame what about Collin Creavey he was important and beleived in Harry all the way

  52. The reason Lupin and Tonks died to create a scene.
    Harry is an orphan
    Teddy is an Orphan
    Harry lost his parents in A war against Voldermort
    Teddy lost his parents in A war against Voldermort
    Harry was supposed to be taken care of by his god father Sirius
    Teddy is being taken care of by his God father.

  53. I was so sad when Fred died. I still think it was really unneccesary to kill him. I hate it, i keep thinking about poor Georgie trying to deal with it.

  54. some more answered questions
    Kingsley was appointed Minister of Magic and Mcgonagall is the headmistress of Hogwarts. The death eaters were tracked down and sent to azkaban (which no longer is guarded by dementors. Fawkes flew of since he was now a free bird.
    Hermione was the only one who went back to finish her 7th year at hogwarts and later worked in the ministry to carry on SPEW, later giving all house elves rights.

  55. to lupin & tonks death: think. it’s a battle. if you kill only the less important people then theres no edge. theres no saddness & momentum that we need to feel to be embraced & involved in the battle. i wish they would of all lived too but to make the book as great as it was she had to kill off people we & harry felt connected too.
    Also I agree with Emily on the purpose of Ron leaving & also Ron did save Harry from the freezing pond when he was trying to get the Gryffindor Sword.

  56. I’ve always wondered what does Dudley hear when he claims to hear voices in his head when he is attacked by the Dementors.

  57. I though the most unnecessary death of them all was Colin Creevy. Dobby died a hero to inspire Harry, Lupin and Tonks could never be fully happy in the wizarding world due to Lupin being a werewolf, but Colin was a 16 year old brave kid who wanted to defend his school and hero against the death eaters. And he was give a one sentence death. Poor form, JK.

    • Colin Died Because he was always a supporter for harry and most of harry’s supporterss were willing to die for him so i believe tht JK Did this to show how much everyone believed in harry and how much they cared tht they were willing to die for him.

    • No idea about Ginny and Ron’s, but Hermione’s job was already explained in syoaran’s comment, I’ve heard Harry becomes Auror

  58. I have a question in general that always bothered me. I never remember JKR discussing what happened to the Potter family and Lily’s family. Who was Harry’s grandparents? Did he have other aunts or uncles? My guess is that the Potter family were taken out during the first war with Voldemort, but what about the Evanses? I understand that the absence of them is more powerful for the book, but it seems odd that his family background is never mentioned.

    • Melissa- I would guess that Voldemort hunted down their families. His Death Eaters probably found their family and killed them because they couldn’t find Lily and James. That is a complete guess, but it makes sense

    • it was mentioned i think on harry potter lexicon that harry’s grandparents were at a good age even for wizarding standards, and if anyone has a question about where harry and his dad got the money. Harry got the money from his dad, because his dad and grandparents were extremely wealthy. Plus Sirius gave Harry gold in his will

  59. Throughout the books they say Lily died to save Harry. But why, when James yelled “Lily, its him. Take Harry and run.”, didn’t she grab Harry and Apparate out?

    • it was mentioned i think on harry potter lexicon that harry’s grandparents were at a good age even for wizarding standards, and if anyone has a question about where harry and his dad got the money. Harry got the money from his dad, because his dad and grandparents were extremely wealthy. Plus Sirius gave Harry gold in his will, b/c she hadn’t a wand when she had harry w/ her, it was downstairs by her dead husband james

    • it was said in the 7th part, where harry was dreaming (or viewing) how his parents died when he was a child., that both of them didn’t have wands, because they trusted their friend too much. james and lily both tried to save harry without wand. and without a wand you can’t apparate.

  60. antara- Harry sees Aberforth in the mirror because the mirrors power is to see the person who has the other mirror. James and Sirius used them to talk. Aberforth said he would watch over Harry so he is checking up on him through the mirror therefore Hary sees Aberforth when he looks into the mirror. As for Dobby dying, it shows that Dobby was so comitted to Harry he would, and did, die for him. He died a heroic death and it was painful for him to die, but he would have wanted to die to save Harry Potter’s life. And it just increases Harrys hatred toward Bellatrix Lestrange.

  61. ****This is just what I am guessing****
    I thought the reason to why Lupin & Tonks died was pretty obvious. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione were at Fleur and Bill’s house, Lupin came to announce the arrival of the baby, and that Harry was the Godfather of him. When the Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook left the cottage early in the morning to break into Gringotts, Harry thought to himself that he was being just as reckless Godfather to Teddy as Sirius had been to him. I think that Teddy was left an orphan so as to recreate the situation that had been with Harry, Sirius, and Harry’s parents. I am just guessing. And I think that you can just infer that Lupin and Tonks died during battle, but Harry was not there at the moment. You find out that Lupin and Tonks died on page 661 in the hard-cover copy.

  62. This is an absolutely 1 in a trillion guess.
    let’s first start with the “why did Ron leave” problem. he may have possibly been under the possession or nearly under the possession of the horcrux. because from what what JK wrote, it really gives the idea that Ron was with the horcrux for most of the time.Maybe the power of the horcrux forced him to leave the FRIENDSHIP and LOVE, and go to the loneliness of the outer world. JK also mentions that Ron regretted his decision as soon as he left the tent. but he could not return #1: there were snatchers around and #2: because of all the protection. as for lupin and tonks, well i think they died only to make the battle more natural and dramatic. but on the whole i think all the “strategies” or “theories” that are here are truly marvellous

    • that is kind of stupid b/c james and lily could have grabbed their wands ran upstairs and disapparated before voldemort could kill them. plus the reason Dumbledore knew about the attack ASAP was b/c there was an alarm spell on the potters’ home

  63. All deaths in the books are really sad. Dobby’s one was the one which made me cry most. I mean, he was such a good elve! And his last words were: “Harry Potter”…:( It’s really sad. Fred’s death is also very sad. But anyway, I have a question. Does someone know who was that girl Ginny was talking to when Harry was going to meet Voldemort in the forbidden forest?
    I had another question but I’ve just forgotten. If it comes back to my mind I’ll write it here.

    • The little girl was no one important. She was just a symbol of how the battle with Voldemort was getting worse. Also, its showing Ginny being kind and makes Harry love her more but it causes a sadness because Harry believes he will soon be dead and he won’t ever see Ginny again

  64. Dobby, Lupin, and Tonks had sad deaths. But it needed to happen. J.K. Rowling is still amazing. I wish i could meet her

  65. i have a question, and maybe its been answered before, but i can’t seem to find anything……why is it that the last battle is at hogwarts, and it is only a handful of people. what about the rest of the world? it really bothers me….why did no one else come to help? πŸ™

  66. I don’t get a few things. First off, if grindlewald had the elder wand, how did he lose to dumbledore? Also, when dumbledore was fighting voldemort at the end of the order of the pheonix, if he had the elder wand, why couldn’t he kill voldemort? In the end of the half blood prince, Why didn’t snape and the other death eaters take harry to voldemort. Snape said he belonged to the dark lord but couldn’t they have just took him along and brang him to voldemort? I am really confused about that last one.

    • the reason dumbledor could win the duel against grindlewald was because grindlewald had stolen it, not forceably taken it. so he was never its true master. the reason dumbledor didnt kill voldemor at the ind of hbp is because he wouldnt kill anyone. and he already knew about the horcracsis and knew itwouldnt matter. lastly snape didnt take harry with him when he left twards the end of hbp is because snape is actually good and was protecting harry

    • Dumbledore couldn’t have killed Voldemort in Order of the Pheonix because he knew that Harry was the only that could due to the prophecy ‘Neither can live while the other survives’

  67. The reason that when the prophecy was made for Voldemort and Harry, the reason Snape went to his master was because he heard the first part and not the whole thing. If ANY of you avid Potter fans read Books 5 and possibly 7, it distinctly had dumbledore say that Voldemort would want to kill the biggest threat to him, as Voldemort, revealed in the 6th book, said he was half-blood, and thus the biggest threat was Harry

  68. The reason Tonks and Lupin died is, I think, so it went in like a cycle…
    Ted then was like Harry, an orphan, but unlike Harry he had people around to look after him, like it should’ve been for Harry πŸ™‚

    • I agree! It makes a little twist in the story. Sort of like Sirius gets to be lived through Harry, as a Godfather again.

  69. I don’t agree with your reason on why Moody had to die. He had to die because Umbride stole his eye and put it in the door of her office in the Ministry of Magic. If she didn’t have the eye, then she wouldn’t know what was going around M.O.M. and Harry would of never taken it, he would of succesfully made it out of the ministry thus changing like, THE WHOLE PLOT LINE.

  70. β€’Why/ when did Lupin and Tonks die?
    I read somewhere that their death was a comparison to James and Lily’s death. They both left a baby in the world, but the difference is that whilst Harry was neglected, Teddy had lots of people who loved him to bring him up. It shows the difference between the two situations.
    They were killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, presumably after Tonks went to find Remus. Remus was killed by Dolohov and Tonks by Bellatrix.

    • Umbridge admitted, or was forced to admit, that she intended to use the Cruciatus curse on the members of the DA. As it is one of the Unforgivable Curses, the usage of it earns the caster a cell in Azkaban Prison

  71. Did it say anything about what happenned to Umbridge in the 7th book? Im pretty sure the last time she was mentioned was when they went to the Ministry.

    • Well, whatever she was, she was still an important M.O.M member, almost a secretary to the minister. That’s why they accepted her back to the ministry. Or she must have fed them some Cock-and-Bull story about how she was under t he imperious curse and must have been accepted back. Then when Voldemort got killed, the trio must have ratted out Umbridge and she got served justice.

  72. In the first book, Hagrid made Dudley grow a pigs tail. Wouldn’t the ministry know about that? And also, all the magic Hagrid used?

    • Maybe the Ministry knew that a wizard was going to retrieve Hagrid from the Dursley’s, they just didn’t know who it was. The Ministry has the power to detect magic, just not the power to detect who used the magic.

  73. Grindlewald technically wasn’t the rightful owner of the wand, because he stole it. So when Dumbledore defeated him, that wouldn’t mean that dumbledore is the rightful owner of the wand. I am confused. Wouldn’t Gregorovitch be the rightful owner, and Volemort killed him? So, Voldemort is the rightful owner?

    • You will figure out that this is where JK Rowling either tricks us or makes a very big mistake.
      The tale of the 3 brothers clearly states that the Elder wand can never lose in a duel, which means that the only way to be in possession of the elder wand is by killing the previous owner any other way.

      This is where the twist comes in.

      Harry and so many others are able to defeat or disarm the previous owners of the wand thus landing in control even though they should never be.

      So did she intend to make the legend fake or was it just a mistake. But why do all the other legends work except for the wand’s???

    • Actually, Harry got ownership of the Elder Wand because he stole Malfoy’s wand, right? So then you could gain possession of the Elder Wand not only by defeating someone in a duel, but by stealing it from the current owner.

      • The point is that you HAVE to get the want in any other way than defeating the person in a duel yet so many have DISARMED owners of the Elder Wand and landed them in possession.

        I’ll go back and read the Deathly Hallows and The Tales of Beedle the Bard again.


  74. Why did Ron have to dissappear? I suppose it was to add suspense, worry, and emotion to the story at that time. Mix it up a bit. As for Tonk’s and Lupin’s deaths, I guess when Harry was running around trying to find the diadem of Ravenclaw, the fight was going on and Tonks and Lupin were killed in it. As for why they died? Probably to add more emotion to the story and hatred towards the Death Eaters so that it’ll add more of a victory when said Death Eaters are killed. Makes the fans happier that the Death Eaters who murdered their favorite characters died.

  75. I have a question of my own. WHY was Harry considered a “Half-Blood”? He had magical parents, even if one of them was a Muggle Born… Voldemort was a Half-Blood, even thought his mother was a Squib and his father was a muggle. If a Muggle Born witch doesn’t count as a witch then why does a Squib count? It just doesn’t make sense to call Harry a Half Blood.

    • Everybody thought that Harry must be a descendant of the greatest wizards in history of the son of a pure blood to have survived Voldemort. However, when they realized that Voldemort was a half-blood and the prophecy said that Voldemort will mark him as his equal, everybody immediately thought that to make Harry equal to Voldemor he would have to be a half blood too.

      Make sense??

    • Voldemorts mother wasn’t actually a squib she was just too scared to do magic while she lived with an abusive father and brother. She later learnt to use her powers but before she died she stopped using them because she was so upset that her husband had left her.
      A ‘half-blood’ is anyone who isn’t a ‘pure-blood’ – pure blooded families are rare, and mean that every single member was magical and all married into magical families. Which is why Vodemort is so angry at his mother for betraying the Gaunts. I’m not sure if the Potters were pure blooded before James married liLly but nevertheless they did not look down upon him just as the Weasleys (pure bloods) don’t see it as being ‘better’ than anyone else.

  76. looks like J.K.Rowling has made a mistake πŸ™ : in 3rd hp book, (pg. 188) she says that, cho chang is a fourth year i.e. she is older than harry. in 7th book (pg. 469) cho offers harry to show him, her common room. she should have left the school by that time. how come she is still at school?

  77. what will harry do to earn his living? can he maintain his large family with what his parents left him in gringotts? wt did ron and hermione do? who was Draco malfoy’s wife?

  78. Cho Chang came to the school for the battle of Hogwarts. She was not still attending the school, she just saw the DA coin, im guessing.

  79. i’d say harry is the rightful owner in the end, because the cycle goes.. Gregorovitch kills and takes it for himself making him an owner = grindelwald, steals it = dumbledore defeats grindelwald = snape kills dumbledore = voldemort steals wand from dumbledores tomb. that is where it gets confusing and is where the debate is. Some say you need to kill the owner to become the owner. if so then voldemort conquers all as he kills off all possibilties of ownership, including gregorovitch, grindelwald and snape, who killed dumbledore. However, some also say that you can steal or disarm the wand, therefore voldemort kind of steals off snape when snape kills dumbledore making it rightfully snapes. But, it was malfoy who disarmed dumbledore so it could kinda be his but he doesnt take it either, so voldemort steals off malfoy, baboomtch
    but, in the end, who gives a shit, coz it ends up as harry’s

  80. I don’t understand how Tonks and Lupin die? I swear one second their fighting and then the next J.K.Rowling confirms their dead? I’ve read the chapter over and over and i can’t fint their death any where?

  81. Joe is trying to show how intense the battle is by killing off one of the main characters in a flash, without a second look at them.

  82. Hi,
    Jkr said, that in Part One the whole Plot was hidden. What was this metaphor? Were the Seven quests to get the philosophers Stone the Seven Books? I searched for this question, but i Even cant find the Interview…
    Has anyone a guess? Or does anybody know?

  83. I just wonder why Dumbledore, being the great wizard that he is, couldn’t have just used fiend-fire (how Crabbe destroyed the Lost Diadem?) to destroy the other horcruxes? It just seemed such a big trouble going through so much to acquire Gryffindor’s sword when they could have just casted the Fiend-fire spell.

    • Fiend-fire is really dangerous and I’m geussing that means it can get out of control, have a mind of it’s own. It sets fire to the entire room of requirement and nearly kills alot of people so dumbledore didn’t want to risk loosing everything and it doesn’t take that much longer to just slice it with a sword anyway I suppose.

  84. If ron hadn’t left for a chapter or so Harry and Hermione would not no about vital information such as the taboo on voldemorts name and about the snatchers. I think ron leaving was a way to put across this information.

    A think the reason lupin and tonks died was because they were both in the middle of a battle. Curses were been fired everywhere and jk rowling had to kill some characters. In an event as big as the battle of hogwarts it would be unrralistic for everyone to survive.

    Danielle x

  85. Ron had to disappear so that he could unexpectedly show up and save Harry, to demonstrate the Griffendor quality of chilvary. Tonks and Remus died in the battle (I think it was mentioned in the book somewhere) because Harry was godfather to Ted so technically, he is one of Harry’s sons!

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