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  1. What do you mean good luck? I thought we had a deal, you win my competition…..


    Cheers for the linkage.

  2. Good luck everyone, i was contemplating entering however i’d really prefer someone with an amazing site and content win and receive the review etc.

    However it’s a great contest and kudo’s to Ben for giving people the opportunity, not many webmasters with a site of BinaryMoon’s calibre would do something like this.


  3. DidnÒ€ℒt Blogtrepreneur enter?

    *cough* I’ll excuse you for your apparent slip-up Ben. Hehe thanks Connor.


  4. Connor – I’d never do something like that!

    Adnan – erm… sorry dude.

    Everyone else – thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Weird! I remember stumbling across a few of those sites completely randomly before I heard about the contest.

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