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  1. dear binary moon guys, i’m pleased to see that our hard work sometimes make people feel enthusiastic. a large number of concepts presented in minority report film are not fiction. they are concrete research activity from 1989. i work in a solid state physics lab, studying in between organic materials and devices based on them. on oled flexible portable screen was possible two years ago. it can be pasted on a cereals box, displayng ad-s, or can cover an entire floor, or can fold a column. try searching “flexible organic led”. a command plesk like precog’s one is also possibile: there is a great research effort from microsoft and apple about computer human interfaces. you can search about “ftir – frustrated total internal refraction” or “chi – computer human interfaces”. wii controller and its nunchuck are simply a gyroscoper and an accelerometer, respectiverly from analog devices and st microelectronics. they cost 0.60$ and 1.30 € [ 🙂 ], and they were commercially viable in 1970 yet! you can search for this the words “pattern recognition” or “aptics”. i love to work in this field, and i have written much about it. if you plan to study engineering, tell us.

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