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Someone Twittered a link to an A’capella Star Wars tribute today and I thought it was very cool so have posted it below. The video is of one man singing some random lyrics about Star Wars to the tunes of various John Williams movie scores. You can read the lyrics and a little information about the song here.

Showing someone at work the video he then mentioned an a’capella version of Michael Jacksons Thriller made by one man, Francois Macro. The singing is a little off – possibly because he is French (so there’s an accent) but the sound effects and music are spot on.

Some people have too much time on their hands… but I’m glad they do!



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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

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  1. I kinda wish that they hadn’t done Indiana Jones twice. They could have done Harry Potter. Unless the point was to only include John Williams/Steven Spielberg collaborations, which it probably was.

    Nice find though. You reminded me of how much I still love the Jurassic Park theme 😀

  2. Funnily enough it reminded me how much I like the Jurassic Park score. I was going to buy it on iTunes but can’t find it so I am going to look out for it in a bricks and mortar store.

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