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  1. It wasn’t just the South East. I live in Bristol and we were pretty much shut down for a few days. I only made it to work two days last week.

    Fortunately, it was great for going out and taking photos (you can see some I took around Bristol in my Snow Set on flickr). I went out with a friend on Friday afternoon and the snow was knee deep in places. Absolutely crazy, and probably (hopefully) isn’t over yet!

    Your shots are reminiscent of the scenes I woke up to last week. There’s just something about snow.

  2. I’m down in Kent at the moment at university, and much fun was had thanks to the blessings of snow. I went from being angry at my rugby training being called off to rolling around on the floor laughing in about 10 minutes: we put a giant snowball on a shopping trolley and tied it to a car using a Dyson vacuum cleaner lead. Burnout eat your heart out.

    Can’t wait for the rest of it! And Canterbury cathedral did look brilliant πŸ™‚

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