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  1. Interestingly, the “sample chapter” you have provided is from the “WordPress 2.7 Cookbook” by Jean Baptiste Jung. Although a good book if you are into WordPress development it is a completely different title from Packt Publishing. I have both books.

    “WordPress 2.7 Complete” is a great book! And here is the correct sample chapter : http://www.packtpub.com/files/6569_SampleChapter.pdf

    1. Interesting indeed… I must admit I didn’t read the sample chapter they sent me as I have the book 🙂 I shall correct the link, and let them know the mistake.


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  3. I have a hat of baby names I’m considering for my firstborn (due Feb 23rd). Some of the names in said hat include: WordPress, Word, Word Preston, and …PHP.

  4. I could really use this book seeing as how I am more familiar with my Garlic Press than I am with WordPress…

    HELP ME!!

  5. well, i presently finding pressing words quite hard work. right now, with a light squeeze the best i can get from my WordPress is “swords rep” :-(. But add in a “Binary Moon” and the world is my oyster :-). Contemplate…
    “Inbred morons spy a row”
    “sorry minnows! bad rope”
    “prisons worry abdomen”

    See…, so much better! save my abdomen, give me rope, let no moron spy me in a row…….

  6. I feel just a tad stupid doing this, but here goes;

    I should win because: I’m English so the postage would be cheaper. I’d also quite like to give it a read, but that’s beside the point.

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