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WordPress 2.7 Complete Book Review and Give Away

I haven’t read any WordPress books before, and have always wondered what they would contain so I was instantly intrigued when I was contacted by someone from Packt publishing asking if I wanted to review a new WordPress book.

wordpress 27 completeWordPress 2.7 Complete is squarely targeted at the new WordPress user. The chapters actually cover quite a broad range of topics, including everything from the initial installation of WordPress, through adding and customising new themes, and even creating your own WordPress plugins, however it starts slowly, gently easing you into the topic. This is fantastic for people new to WordPress but more experienced users may find less of interest.

The book is written in a very easy to read style, so will be understandable by everyone. It guides you through everything from the initial download to setting WordPress up on your site (or setting up a blog) to creating themes and plugins.

Everything is broken down into easy to understand chunks, and at no time did it seem overwhelming or complicated.

This may sound picky but one of the first things that jumped out at me was the title, the book has the version of WordPress included in the name, which I think is probably a small mistake. New versions of WordPress are released 2/3 times a year, and unfortunately there’s no way a physical book can keep up – which is a shame since, apart from screenshots changing, most of the book will be relevant for a good couple of years at least (and hopefully we won’t have another WordPress interface redesign any time soon either).

All in all the book is a clear, complete tutorial to WordPress 2.7 (and above!). It covers everything a beginner needs to know to get up and running, and a number of things they don’t need to know – but may find interesting in the future. I think it would be most useful for people who have some experience with web development and who are now looking to use a content management system – and I would always recommend WordPress to these people.

Free Chapter: Pages, Images, Plugins, and More

As a sample I was given a copy of Chapter 4 “Pages, Images, Plugins, and More”, which you can download here.

Competition time

To celebrate the publishing of WordPress 2.7 Complete, I thought it would be nice to send my review copy to one of the people who read this post.

The rules are simple – I want you to Tweet or blog or comment a compelling (funny would be great) reason why you should get the book, and then i’ll randomly pick the best from my favourites.

If you Tweet then please follow me and use the hashtag #bmCompo so that I can find your tweets easily and then contact you should you win.

Blog posts should link to this post so that I can see the entries in the trackbacks, and comments should contain a valid email address.


I am not sure how I will send the book but I am considering posting it anywhere. Worldwide. At my expense. If I get enough entries then I would also consider doing a big round up post linking to them all.

The closing date is next Friday the 21st of August.

I’ve not done anything quite like this before so it will be interesting to see how many join in 🙂

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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

10 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Complete Book Review and Give Away Leave a comment

  1. Interestingly, the “sample chapter” you have provided is from the “WordPress 2.7 Cookbook” by Jean Baptiste Jung. Although a good book if you are into WordPress development it is a completely different title from Packt Publishing. I have both books.

    “WordPress 2.7 Complete” is a great book! And here is the correct sample chapter :

    • Interesting indeed… I must admit I didn’t read the sample chapter they sent me as I have the book 🙂 I shall correct the link, and let them know the mistake.


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  3. I have a hat of baby names I’m considering for my firstborn (due Feb 23rd). Some of the names in said hat include: WordPress, Word, Word Preston, and …PHP.

  4. I could really use this book seeing as how I am more familiar with my Garlic Press than I am with WordPress…

    HELP ME!!

  5. well, i presently finding pressing words quite hard work. right now, with a light squeeze the best i can get from my WordPress is “swords rep” :-(. But add in a “Binary Moon” and the world is my oyster :-). Contemplate…
    “Inbred morons spy a row”
    “sorry minnows! bad rope”
    “prisons worry abdomen”

    See…, so much better! save my abdomen, give me rope, let no moron spy me in a row…….

  6. I feel just a tad stupid doing this, but here goes;

    I should win because: I’m English so the postage would be cheaper. I’d also quite like to give it a read, but that’s beside the point.

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