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Get Your Google Wave Invites Here

Google Wave logoI got a Google Wave invite a few weeks ago and was quite excited to use it. To be honest though the initial excitement wore off quite quickly, but now Google have given me a bunch of invites, and they keep giving me more, currently I have 25 to give out.

So – the first 25 people to comment on this post will get a Google Wave invite.

I am actually going to go on holiday for a couple of days so I will send out the invites on Sunday, and if I’ve been given any more invites i’ll dish those out as well.

There’s no rules or competitions or anything. You can have the invite if you want it. Just comment below and if there’s any available then you i’ll send it over as soon as I can.



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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

49 thoughts on “Get Your Google Wave Invites Here Leave a comment

  1. I am not pretty sure if I am the first one.

    But thanks and regards from Venezuela and happy holidays there Ben!

  2. The two of you got in just before I left. I’ve invited you and you should be able to join soon. It seems to take a few days before the invite goes through but it will work eventually. When I was invited it took about 3/4 days before I could use Wave.

  3. I was so confused by Wave I had to lie down and think of flowers for an hour. THen I had some ice cream. Chocolate. Nice.

    • Thanks Nic – hopefully it’s making more sense now… actually I don’t really get it either, but then I didn’t get Twitter at first either.

  4. Hi, i have some friends at work running wave. I would love to get one so i can surf the wave with them…


  5. wow.. are you still giving it out? I was just looking for google invite and saw your site. anyway Happy holidays to you!

  6. I’ve invited everyone who is listed above that asked for an invite – still got 18 invites to go. Let me know if anyone else wants one.

  7. I am very eager to use Google Wave……..and I would like to xperiance the real time chat………..IF you are still inviting i would be a lucky fellow…………

    Thank you BEN

  8. I would like a Wave invite as all the people I know are being D-bags about giving me one. Did I need to give you my Email or something?

    • Sent – I grabbed your email address from the comment email, hope that’s the right one. I’m up to date on everyone else as well.

  9. Hi Ben,
    Merry Cristmas I read that you are giving away invites for google wave.
    I am probably to late but when i read you article i thought well lets give it a try.
    Anyway i wish you nice days and a good and new year.
    Andy from the Netherlands

  10. I’ve given both of you the invites as requested. Neither were too late 🙂

    9 invites to go! Hope you had a good Christmas and have a great new year.

  11. Hey Ben,

    If you happen to have any more invites i would love to try Google Wave.

    -College student from so cal.

  12. I’m afraid not. I’m all out. I am going to close comments on this until I get some more so that people don’t keep asking the same question 🙂