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  1. I am not pretty sure if I am the first one.

    But thanks and regards from Venezuela and happy holidays there Ben!

  2. The two of you got in just before I left. I’ve invited you and you should be able to join soon. It seems to take a few days before the invite goes through but it will work eventually. When I was invited it took about 3/4 days before I could use Wave.

  3. I was so confused by Wave I had to lie down and think of flowers for an hour. THen I had some ice cream. Chocolate. Nice.

    1. Thanks Nic – hopefully it’s making more sense now… actually I don’t really get it either, but then I didn’t get Twitter at first either.

  4. Hi, i have some friends at work running wave. I would love to get one so i can surf the wave with them…


  5. wow.. are you still giving it out? I was just looking for google invite and saw your site. anyway Happy holidays to you!

  6. I’ve invited everyone who is listed above that asked for an invite – still got 18 invites to go. Let me know if anyone else wants one.

  7. I am very eager to use Google Wave……..and I would like to xperiance the real time chat………..IF you are still inviting i would be a lucky fellow…………

    Thank you BEN

  8. I would like a Wave invite as all the people I know are being D-bags about giving me one. Did I need to give you my Email or something?

    1. Sent – I grabbed your email address from the comment email, hope that’s the right one. I’m up to date on everyone else as well.

  9. Hi Ben,
    Merry Cristmas I read that you are giving away invites for google wave.
    I am probably to late but when i read you article i thought well lets give it a try.
    Anyway i wish you nice days and a good and new year.
    Andy from the Netherlands

  10. I’ve given both of you the invites as requested. Neither were too late 🙂

    9 invites to go! Hope you had a good Christmas and have a great new year.

  11. Hey Ben,

    If you happen to have any more invites i would love to try Google Wave.

    -College student from so cal.

  12. I’m afraid not. I’m all out. I am going to close comments on this until I get some more so that people don’t keep asking the same question 🙂

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