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  1. You have given a very good information. thanks for sharing. A favicon is really important for a website, It represents your unique corporate image. Well, this is the part of web development, but its good to know about it in an easy way.

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  3. Appreciate the post, Ben. I was actually looking for an idea close to this but anyway, I think adding the favicon to the comments section is a much better idea. Sorry to run away with this but I’ll be implementing soon in some of the existing blogs that I have. πŸ™‚ Love your site, btw.

    1. Awesome that you like the idea πŸ™‚ Use this as much as you like. To be honest I am surprised more people don’t do this sort of thing with trackbacks. To me it makes perfect sense, and makes the website look a lot more attractive, and the trackbacks more easily distinguishable. Win win if you ask me

    1. I think trackbacks are good for showing appreciation to people who link to you. They are also useful personally to see what websites are saying about your own site. I like the idea of creating an interconnected web of pages and this is a nice automated way of doing it.

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