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Game of Thrones Season 2

I’m a really big fan of the Game of Thrones books so loved the first TV series (Winter is Coming!). Initially I was concerned that it would be a bit cheesy, but it was played really straight, like a proper show. My only real complaint is that it felt a bit rushed – the series was half the length of the average US tv series. It’s understandable, the clearly spent a lot more on sets and special effects than the average show, but you can’t blame me for wanting more right?

Anyway – the first trailer has been published for series 2, and that’s also looking fantastic. The first series had a heap of twists, and having read the books I know what’s coming in this series as well, and seeing it brought to life just makes it so much better.


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  1. Ben… I really love the books, and enjoyed the first season… I too wanted a double length series, just for the first season. Let’s hope the precedent continues (quality, content). Thanks for the post!

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