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Good Adverts – Havana Man and the Smallest Mojito in the World

In the UK we have Nick Park and Aardman animations. Patrick Boivin is the Canadian equivalent. His latest animation is about Havana man – a Cuban Super Hero.

I’ve been a fan of Patricks since I saw his Iron Man vs Bruce Lee animation all those years ago – and he keeps on creating awesome stuff. I looked up Patrick on Wikipedia and I was surprised to see that he’s so creative – not only does he create these brilliant animations (many of which you can see on Youtube) but he’s released an iPhone game, and written and produced a show for Canadian television.

One thing that caught my eye with his Havana man video is the video linked at the end of it. The Best Smallest Mojito in the World.

I know that both of these are ads for Rum, but both ads were really well made. The agency used a popular animator to make something amusing – that’s in keeping with the brand they are promoting and I think the Havana Man videos work really well for their purpose – plus they are just fun videos that I want to share!

In addition – I’m partial to a mojito every now and then! 🙂



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