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Magnus iPad Stand

I really like my iPad, I only got it last year so it’s still new to me, but I use it all the time. My biggest complaint is that it’s quite heavy (it’s not an iPad Mini) and so I’ve been looking for an iPad stand. Enter MyBanana.

Yep – a rather daft name – but they’re a small company based in the south-west of England and they sell premium Apple Accessories. So I ordered a Magnus, magnetic iPad stand.

The package arrived, and I was presented with a hand written envelope that contained my iPad stand and a hand written letter – a nice personal touch.

The stand itself looked nice – it’s a single piece of metal with a small magnet in the base. The colour looks suitably Mac like, but it has a grainy feeling and doesn’t offer the same level of polish as a genuine Mac component.

Magnus iPad Stand

Being a geek I skipped the instructions and stuck my iPad straight into the stand… only for it to slide off and get very close to smashing on the floor. I didn’t realise that the iPad had to be inserted on a specific side and so very nearly broke it. Naturally the instructions covered this – but I don’t think it was clear enough, and could have cost me an iPad 🙁

In use the stand works quite well, but since the first mishap it has never felt quite secure (even though it probably is). Also it’s not adjustable – and the angle is a touch too steep for me to comfortably use at a desk. As such it’s good for holding the iPad when not in use or when watching a movie – but it’s not so good when I want to interact with it. I did find that it works well when on my bedside table so that’s where it is being used.

Overall the Magnus iPad stand looks nice – but isn’t as functional as I would like – so the quest is still on for the perfect stand. Note that I am not looking for a cover with integrated stand – I got an awesome iPad case last year. I’m just looking for something I can use when I’m at home. Unfortunately MyBanana don’t offer any other iPad stands currently, but I’d consider them for other purchases in the future – there’s a few nice things on there.



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  2. Why don’t you try out a case that has a built-in stand? I feel like those are the most popular typed of cases…the cover folds up into 3 or 4 solid pieces so it becomes a solid triangle when folded up. It’s very useful because you don’t have to carry a separate stand around.

    • Absolutely – I really like the sleeve case I have but i’m thinking when I ‘upgrade’ I will get an iPad Mini and when I do that I’ll probably get one of Apples foldy cover things.

    • Oh – I put upgrade in quotes cos it’s kind of a side grade for a different product – and i am probably a year or 2 away from actually upgrading.

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