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  2. Good evening,
    I would like to remark and important feature of the Collections. They are NOT optional. eBay wants its members to use them instead of the Lists which were in use until now and worked beautifully. If I want to Watch an item, I am forced to put it into a Colletion and then forget about it because the Collections have no function. They don’e show me the name of the seller, I cannot see the feedbck score of the seller, cannot see the price, cennot see whe the auction ends. N-A -D- A !!
    The option of Lists is closed for me. I can leave eBay and I wil to it. With regrets, but after they force me to use Collections, I cannot buy there any more.
    Thank you for your kind attention

    1. Sorry to hear you are upset with Ebay Collections but they’re nothing to do with me. I was paid to review them – I’m not involved with the company in any other way.

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