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Tech21 Evo Check Phone Case Review and Giveaway

I have recently purchased a new phone. It’s actually the first smartphone I’ve ever bought. I have had company phones before (a variety of iphones, and even a blackberry), and until recently I’ve been using a Huawei Honor 6 that I was given to review a couple of years ago. Since Huawei no longer update the OS I wanted to get something a bit better running proper Android; so I went for the Google Pixel 2.

Shortly after ordering my phone I got an email asking if I wanted to review a phone case from Tech21 so I jumped at the chance. I’ve now been using the Tech21 Evo Check case for a week or so and what follows are my thoughts on the case (and my new Google Pixel).

The Evo Check for Google Pixel 2 is available for £29.95 direct from the Tech21 website.

I’ve always used a case. Initially it was because I was worried about breaking my work phone, I try to be very careful with other peoples things. But later, after I managed to smash an iphone screen, I started getting bigger cases that were more robust. And this is where Tech21 comes in. Besides being a rubber case, the big selling point for the Tech21 phone cases is that they claim to be able to survive a 3 meter (10 foot) drop.

I haven’t tested this.

As I said at the start, this is the first smartphone I have bought for myself. I’m not going to risk an £800 phone for a phone case review. However before putting the case on my phone I had a good feel around the edges of the case, where the Tech21 Evo cases have a three layer protection system, and you can see and feel the extra materials and support that they offer. It doesn’t feel like it’s just a solid lump of rubber (which is what my previous case very obviously was) so I am sure it will offer more protection.

To make up for not testing it to the max – here’s a (rather cheesey) slam dunk test:

If you look around you can find other Youtube videos showing the same thing. These cases do protect the phones as well as they claim.

Aesthetically it looks much like any other rubber case. It may be a little chunkier than my previous one but it’s not noticeably different – but I AM sure it offers more protection. Personally I like that it makes the phone bigger. I don’t like the obsession with making phones as thin as possible (I’d rather have a bigger battery); in fact I nearly dropped the Pixel 2 XL demo model when I was viewing it at a phone shop. The extra size, and the fact it’s rubber, makes it much easier to grip the phone.

Despite being encased in rubber all of the Pixel 2’s functionality works well, including Active Edge (the thing where you squeeze the phone to activate Google Assist), and the fingerprint sensor. As an aside, I disabled Active Edge; I think it’s a bit of a gimmick. I found myself activating it by accident and since I only use the voice features when I’m driving I have no need for it; but if you do want to use it then it will work fine with the Tech 21 phone case.

Besides the Google Pixel the Tech21 cases are available for a range of phones including the latest Samsung and Apple models so if you are a bit clumsy, or want to protect your phone from harm, then I think they’re a good option.

Win a Tech21 Evo Check Phone Case

Besides reviewing the phone, Tech21 have also offered to send out a couple of phone cases in a prize draw. They have offered me a Tech21 Evo Check case for the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note8. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is answer the question and then complete the short entry form below (if the entry form doesn’t load then you can also enter here).

Rules and Terms

  1. One entry per person
  2. There will be two winners, one for each phone case
  3. The competition will close on December 8th 2017 and winners will be drawn and notified within 7 days
  4. If winners do not send required information (address details) within 7 days then a new winner will be notified
  5. Judges decision is final
  6. Prizes will be sent out by Tech21
  7. No personal information will be sent to third parties, and all submitted information will be deleted at the conclusion of the contest



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